Foal registration

We are ready to start and will be at your farm again as soon as possible!

We are all very happy about the foals that are being born these days. Breeding ideas will hopefully be confirmed and new hopes will be born.

We ask our breeders for their understanding that for the time being we will not come to your farm for foal registration during the period of contact restrictions. We hope, however, that our registration representatives will be at your farm again as soon as possible and that the registration of the foals will allow us to continue the exchange of breeding information.

In order to reduce unnecessarily close contact we would like to ask you this year in particular to make sure that the foals have already been accustomed to the halter when they are registered.

We are ready to start and are looking forward to get in touch with our breeders as soon as possible. Until then we should all do everything to stay healthy.