Hanoverian Breeding programs

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Hanover's outstanding position at national and international competitions is only possible due to consistently pursued selection measures.

The Hanoverian breeders aim at strengthening and further improving the successes of their horses with this breeding program.

Guidelines breeding

The Studbook Committee of the Hannoveraner Verband has established guidelines by means of which particular attention shall be placed on partial issues of the breeding goal and on currently important selection criteria. These guidelines can be seen as signposts and describe the direction of decision processes. They serve at the same time as basis of discussion for the implementation of concrete measures. They provide valuable orientation for every breeder.

Guideline main disposition
Breeding sport horses requires a clear orientation towards a particular disposition for dressage, show jumping or eventing. All features have to be evaluated for the selection. ABSATZ Exclusively show jumping lines and the well-matching sires are scheduled to be used for breeding jumpers. Dressage lines, appropriate show jumping lines and well-matching sires are scheduled to be used for breeding dressage horses.

Guideline quality
The assessment of the back is particularly important for breeding sports horses of all disciplines.
Selecting horses who display expressive steps over a powerful, relaxed back is in the focus of attention to pursue the goal of improving the horse’s movement by means of perfectly developing the carrying power under the rider.
Attaching more importance on quality of hooves and conformation is also scheduled to be increased.

Guideline identity
It is the goal of the Hannoveraner Verband to sustainably stabilize the valuable genetic basis of the Hanoverian breed by means of explicit use of approved and newly created Hanoverian performance lines.

Breeding Guidelines

Hanoverian Jumper Breeding Program

The Hanoverian Jumper Breeding Program (PHS) has been launched in 1993. This program aims at supporting and improving  the breeding of show jumping horses. Part of the Hanoverian Breed is designated to specifically produce above average jumpers.

Hanoverian Breeding goal

The Hanoverian breeders have defined their breeding goal for the Hanoverian horse breed.

  • The Hanoverian horse is aimed to be a breed with a particular disposition for riding. Due to their inner qualities, rideability, their conformation and appearance, movement, jumping capabilities and health, Hanoverian horses are meant to be perfect performance and pleasure horses.
  • The breeding of horses with a main disposition for one of the disciplines dressage, show jumping or eventing is pursued on the basis of this goal.
    Based on the afore mentioned properties, the intention is also to breed horses for carriage driving purposes.
  • The breeding goal provides each breeder with sufficient scope to pursue his own ideas. 

Hanoverian G-Linie

No other stallion line is that much associated with performance than the one of the Goldammer II/Flugfeuer II-son Goldfisch II. Through his progeny Grande and Gotthard, he has added properties such as work ethic, power, toughness and expression to this stallion line. Wherever our horses have to perform at the highest level, wherever it is getting tough, this bloodline can be found in the pedigree. G-blood is a necessity.

The blood stands for properties such as energy, willingness to perform and – above all – for the physical capacity and stability to accomplish extraordinary performances. It would be desirable to start re-establishing these properties even more in our breed by using G-bloodlines. This was the intention of the Hannoveraner Verband when it launched its G-initiative in 2007, targeting on increasing breeder’s attention on performance properties and thus boosting breeding rates of stallions from this bloodline.

With this initiative, this bloodline’s stallion offer was considerably enhanced for the breeders. International sports horses such as Goldfever I, Gem of India or Gavi are available as well as younger stallions such as Grey Top or Goldfever II. This expanded stallion offer as well as accompanying measures of the Celle National State Stud formed the basis to successfully boost breeding rates with stallions from this bloodline.

The Hanoverian sport horse breed is inseparably linked with the G-bloodline. And this will not change in the future.