Hanoverian Jumper Breeding Program

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The Hanoverian Jumper Breeding Program (PHS) has been launched in 1993. This program aims at supporting and improving  the breeding of show jumping horses. Part of the Hanoverian breed is designated to specifically produce above average jumpers.

Free jumping competition

The free jumping competitions of the Hanoverian jumper breeding programme are the showcase of the three- and four-year-old talents and became a meeting point of breeders of show jumping horses. Many great carreers of international show jumpers started in the Niedersachsenhalle in Verden.

Dam and sire of the participants must be registered in the Hanoverian jumper breeding programm. Two successful show jumping riders and trainers will judge the young horses.


It was the 22nd time that young Hanoverian horses competed in the free jumping competitions of the Hanoverian Jumper Breeding Program in Verden. Coolberry PJ by Colman/Quidam de Revel became best three-year-old jumper. The Viscount/Stakkato-daughter Valery headed the field of four-year-olds. The pedigrees featured many internationally well-known stallion names. “There are meanwhile many excellent show jumping lines in Hanover,” said Jörg Münzner. He judged the 50 three-and 23 four-year-olds in four divisions with Thomas Schönig.


The three-year-old Coolberry PJ by Colman/Quidam de Revel (breeder and exhibitor: Pferdezucht Dr. Jacobs GbR, Bierbergen) scored 27, the highest mark of the day. Her dam, St.Pr.St. Queensberry, had also already earned a high placement at the free jumping competition and is meanwhile successfully competing at the advanced level.  This performance was rewarded with a special prize, a free breeding voucher of Klosterhof Medingen for the young show jumping stallion Karajan. Coolberry PJ showed up in the third division. Pferdezucht Dr. Jacobs GbR already celebrated a victory in the second division: Ladylike PJ by Numero Uno/Silvio scored 26.4 points. A Colestus/Clinton-son (breeder and exhibitor: Marius Rittstieg, Seeburg) won this division with a final score of 26.


Three horses dominated the age-group, born in 2014. The Viscount/Stakkato-daughter Valery (breeder and exhibitor: Eckhard Kordes, Velpke) scored a class victory with 26.2 points. The breeder was rewarded with a voucher by the Celle State Stud for the state stud stallion and Stakkato-Prize-winner Viscerado. The four-year-olds were pretty close together, with only shades deciding on victory. Two mares were nominated vice champion. Hanoverian premium candidate Celebration by Commissario/Silvo (breeder and exhibitor: Peter Mahler, Neuhaus/Oste) and Everton PJ by Embassy/Light On (breeder and exhibitor: Pferdezucht Dr. Jacobs GbR, Bierbergen) finished second. „Scope was finally the decisive factor,“ said Jörg Münzner.

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Freejumping competition on April 11

[] Name Geschlecht Vater Besitzer Ort
Bella Rouge Stute Baloubet du Rouet/Cassini II Heuer, Thomas Bienenbüttel
Stute Cabachon/Comte Decken, Hans-Henning von der Stade
Canta Odessa Stute Canabis/Diarado Decker GbR Bierbergen
Cosima Stute Chaman/A Jungle Prince Wrede, Rike Dr. Wurster Nordseeküste
Bella Calmia Stute Chaman/Landstreicher Peters, Heide und Helmut Hammah
Chico Wallach Check In/Quidam's Rubin Röbken, Dieter und Jens Rastede
Stute Check In/Stakkato Gold Siems, Holger Balge
Hengst Colestus/Clinton Rittstieg, Marius Seeburg
Coolberry PJ Stute Colman/Quidam de Revel Pferdezucht Dr. Jacobs GbR Bierbergen
Cookie Stute Comte/Stakkato Thiele, Friedhelm Uetze
Calvin Hengst Contendro/Drosselklang II Huntemann, Gaby Wagenfeld
Corminta Stute Cormint/Escudo Eggerking, Rolf Brinkum
Coco Chanel Stute Cornet Obolensky/Dinard L Böttcher, Kurt-Heinrich Warmsen
Conny Stute Cornet Obolensky/Le Primeur Decker van Leeuwen, Mareike Bierbergen
Cornettina HB Stute Cornet Obolensky/Nobre xx Bremer, Heinrich Neustadt
Cashberry Stute Crumble/Quality Müller, Reinhold Birken-Honigsessen
Hengst Diacontinus/Albatros Zierke, Ralf Braunschweg
Diamond Express Stute Diacontinus/Algra Knop, Hartmut Müden/Aller
Wallach Diacontinus/Conteur Decken, Hans-Henning von der Stade
Darkjewel Wallach Diacontinus/Cotendro Sander, Ariane Vechta
Stute Diacontinus/Federweißer ZG Kruse Walsrode
Dieudonné Wallach Diacontinus/Landor S Mindermann, Jürgen Lilienthal
D.J. Wallach Diacontinus/Stolzenberg Kischio, Manfred Sehnde
Dito F Hengst Diacontinus/Toronto Fabian, Bernd-Dieter Boemenzien
Stute Diacontinus/Voltaire Siekmann, Alexandra und Wilhelm Emmerthal
Diaspora Stute Diarado/Dollar Du Murier Philipps, Hans-Heinrich Wunstorf
Dobby Hengst Diatendro/Fly High Tönsing, Herbert Rödinghausen
Dior Stute Diatendro/Singular Joter Soetebeer, Dirk Bleckede
Gerona Stute Gem of India/Cassini II Meyer, Diedrich Köhlen
Gesa A.S. Stute Grey Top/Contendro Schacke, Achim und Walter Wittingen
Kantendra Stute Kannan/Contendro Eggerking, Rolf Brinkum
Laalu VH Stute Levistano/Stolzenberg Hörsten, Volker v. Bergen
Lady Godiva Stute London/Lord Z Tegtmeyer, Elke und Claudia Norderney
Let the music play Stute Lord Pizarro/Le Primeur Helwig, Michael Rotenburg
No Limits Hengst Nabab de Reve/Granulit Tegtmeyer, Elke und Claudia Norderney
Ladylike PJ Stute Numero Uno/Silvio Pferdezucht Dr. Jacobs GbR Bierbergen
Norderney Stute Numero Uno/Stand Up Tegtmeyer, Elke und Claudia Norderney
Stute Quaid/Silvio Uhlenwinkel, Jürgen Grethem
Qualita Stute Qualito/Escudo Brandt, Otto-Hans Kuhfelde
Quinta Stute Qualito/Graf Grannus Lühr, Gerd Borgholzhausen
Quinto Wallach Quintender/Contendro Späh, Dr. Hansjörg Bremen
Hengst Sandokan LGST/Drosselklang II Schubert, Hans-Werner Hohenhenningen
Wallach Stakkato/As di Villagana Schulze, Henning Tiddische
Sydney Stute Stakkato/Conteur ZG Zwingmann u. Richwien GbR Dingelstädt
Spike Wallach Stanley/Cranach Wilking, Hartmut Stemwede
Snicket Wallach Stolzenberg/Calido Wolter, Stefan und Jana Engelschoff
Hengst Stolzenberg/Graf Top Siems, Torsten Marklohe
Schwalbe Stute Stolzenberg/Landadel ZG Strathusen Trebel
Hengst Toulon/Cassini II Quast, Claus Hamburg
Toulaire Stute Toulon/Voltaire Meyer-Nordhorn, Carsten Raddestorf
Stute Vesuv/Lordanos Tietjen, Fritz Bremen
Very Important Stute Vigo D'Arsouilles/Cornet Obolensky Rowold, Dr. Christoph Haselünne
Vichy PJ Stute Viscount/Chico's Boy Pferdezucht Dr. Jacobs GbR Bierbergen
Stute Viscount/Wanderkönig ZG Melzian Tülau
Hann.Pr.A. Belinda PJ Stute Balou du Rouet/Acord II Pferdezucht Dr. Jacobs GbR Bierbergen
Charly Brown Wallach Canstakko/Granulit Tegtmeyer, Elke und Claudia Norderney
Stute Cascadello/For Pleasure Klintworth, Martin Bargstedt
Hann.Pr.A. Cher Stute Chacco Gold/Cranach Wilking, Hartmut Stemwede
Pippilotta Stute Commissario/Feenspross xx True, Heiner Stuhr
Hann.Pr.A. Coralie Stute Commissario/Lordanos Pferdezucht Dr. Jacobs GbR Bierbergen
Wallach Contendro/Acodetto Ross, Oliver Thedinghausen
Stute Contendro/Graf Top Asendorf, Karsten Morsum
Daily M Stute Diacontinus/Rabino Meyerholz, Fin Hänigsen
Everton PJ Wallach Embassy/Light On Pferdezucht Dr. Jacobs GbR Bierbergen
Wallach Grey Top/Cranach Plaß, Dr. Sabine Burgdorf
Wallach Inliner/Rabino Plaß, Dr. Sabine Burgdorf
Hann.Pr.A. La Cuore KHR Stute Lordanos/Cornet Obolensky Rollwage, Karl-Henning Bockenem
Paula Stute Perigueux/Contendro Hauschild, Nadine Scheeßel
Paula B Stute Perigueux/Dinard L Böttcher, Kurt-Heinrich Warmsen
Paul de Luxe Wallach Perigueux/Sandro Böttcher, Kurt-Heinrich Warmsen
Quinara Stute Quadam/Escudo Gestüt Sonnenberg GmbH Braunschweig
Hann.Pr.A. Sympathie Stute Stakkato/Singular Joter Rump, Hermann Jürgen Gilten
Sunset Gold Wallach Stolzenberg/Landgold ZG Kruse Walsrode
Track Wallach Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve/Quintender Wiese, Gerald Ottersberg
Hann.Pr.A. Vanilla Sky Stute Valentino/Argentan Pridöhl, Michaela Grethem
Vibelle E Stute Viscount/Embassy Eggers GbR, Dirk und Lars Hamburg
Valentina Stute Viscount/Raphael ZG Zwingmann u. Richwien GbR Dingelstädt
Valery Stute Viscount/Stakkato Kordes, Eckhard Velpke

Selection Criteria for mares

Accomplishment in the brood mare performance test:
A score of 8 or better in the free jumping and a show jumping breed value of at least 125 points, based on all marks from the mare performance test, is required. If both parents were registered with the Jumper Breeding Program, no additional breed value requirements are requested apart from the free jumping score of at least 8.

Own sport successes:
Five placements in the top five in medium level jumper classes or higher and five placements in the top five in elementary level jumper riding horse classes or higher are required if the mare has only been active in sports until the age of six. Provided the mare qualifies for the Final of the Hanoverian Show Jumping Championships, she is also accepted to participate at the free jumping test.

Successes of progeny:
Min. two progeny have to be successful jumpers. One of these offspring has to be placed in advanced level jumper classes, the other one in medium level jumper classes.

Dams and the right sisters of horses that successfully competed at the international level and that are listed with the rankings of the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses (WBFSH) are also entitled to participate. 

Selection Criteria for stallions

  • The assessment of jumping capabilities in the stallion performance test:
    A stallion has to achieve an average score for his jumping capabilities of min. 8.5 and/or a partial show jumping score of min. 125 points resp. a HLP breed value for show jumping of min. 125 points. Apart from that, a corresponding show jumping pedigree is required.
  • Qualification at tournaments with the following performances:
    Five placements in the top three in advanced level jumper classes or
    - with five- and six-year-old stallions successful qualification for the Federal Riding Horse Championships
    - with four-year-old stallions two scores of 8 and better in jumper riding horse classes. This results in a temporary admission, final admission after the successful qualification for the Federal Championships.
  • Through successful progeny: The FN breed values as well as the placements of progeny at the advanced show jumping level will be considered. A breed value from mare performance tests of at least 120 points with min. 15 progeny.

The admission of young stallions for the Hanoverian Jumper Breeding Program is temporarily limited. The decision on further admission for three years will be taken if the performances (results from mare performance tests and tournaments) of the first five-year-old progeny are available. Another check of hereditary qualities will then follow, based on the performances of eight-year-old progeny.