Hanoverian Jumper Breeding Program

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The Hanoverian Jumper Breeding Program (PHS) has been launched in 1993. This program aims at supporting and improving  the breeding of show jumping horses. Part of the Hanoverian breed is designated to specifically produce above average jumpers.

Free jumping competition

The free jumping competitions of the Hanoverian jumper breeding programme are the showcase of the three- and four-year-old talents and became a meeting point of breeders of show jumping horses. Many great carreers of international show jumpers started in the Niedersachsenhalle in Verden.

Dam and sire of the participants must be registered in the Hanoverian jumper breeding programm. Two successful show jumping riders and trainers will judge the young horses.


The free jumping competition of three- and four-year-olds will take place in Verden on Wednesday, April 11.

Vince Vega PJ wins free jumping competition

The son of Viscount/Cassus, Vince Vega PJ, bred by Pferdezucht Dr. Jacobs GbR, Bierbergen, won the competition for four-year-olds descending from the Hannoveraner jumper-breeding programme. “A mindful horse representing the modern sport horse type”, applauded Dieter Smitz, who, along with Thomas Schönig judged 28 representatives of the age group 2013.

With 27.7 points, noble Vince Vega PJ was high scoring jumping horse of the day. Three years ago his dam, Hann. Pr.St. Candy Jo PJ was runner-up in her class at the free jumping competition for four-year-olds. His grandam is a full sister of the Celle state stud stallion Embassy and of Hans-Dieter Dreher’s top horse Embassy II. With an impressive performance and 27.1 points, Sun Star Odessa by Spartacus/Cassini II (b.: Ludwig and Lutz Decker GbR, Hohenhameln) came second. Some years ago, her dam participated successfully in the free jumping competition. She descends from the dam line of Klaseta, which produced Hannover’s prepotent sire Grannus. On third place followed Quatschmann by Quaid/Escudo (b. & e.: Andrea Tietze, Uetze) with 25.9 points. The chestnut had already placed third last year in the competition for three-year-olds. “We have seen a homogeneous and strong age group”, summarized Dieter Smitz.

The exhibitors of the winner were not only happy about the sash but also about a free stallion service of the Celle state stud stallion Grey Top. Since 1997, the VGH insurance company has been a loyal supporter of the Hannoveraner Jumper-Breeding Programme.

Program Brochure

The program brochure features each participating mare incl. pedigree, dam line, breeder, owner and last year’s mating, followed by the list of stallions with all information on the stallions.

[ Download 2016 brochure as pdf ]

It is possible to order the printed brochure at Euro 15 with the Verband’s office by telephone or email [bzuengel@hannoveraner.com].

PLEASE NOTE: Termination of regular subscription is possible any time for regular subscribers.

Selection Criteria for mares

Accomplishment in the brood mare performance test:
A score of 8 or better in the free jumping and a show jumping breed value of at least 125 points, based on all marks from the mare performance test, is required. If both parents were registered with the Jumper Breeding Program, no additional breed value requirements are requested apart from the free jumping score of at least 8.

Own sport successes:
Five placements in the top five in medium level jumper classes or higher and five placements in the top five in elementary level jumper riding horse classes or higher are required if the mare has only been active in sports until the age of six. Provided the mare qualifies for the Final of the Hanoverian Show Jumping Championships, she is also accepted to participate at the free jumping test.

Successes of progeny:
Min. two progeny have to be successful jumpers. One of these offspring has to be placed in advanced level jumper classes, the other one in medium level jumper classes.

Dams and the right sisters of horses that successfully competed at the international level and that are listed with the rankings of the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses (WBFSH) are also entitled to participate. 

Selection Criteria for stallions

  • The assessment of jumping capabilities in the stallion performance test:
    A stallion has to achieve an average score for his jumping capabilities of min. 8.5 and/or a partial show jumping score of min. 125 points resp. a HLP breed value for show jumping of min. 125 points. Apart from that, a corresponding show jumping pedigree is required.
  • Qualification at tournaments with the following performances:
    Five placements in the top three in advanced level jumper classes or
    - with five- and six-year-old stallions successful qualification for the Federal Riding Horse Championships
    - with four-year-old stallions two scores of 8 and better in jumper riding horse classes. This results in a temporary admission, final admission after the successful qualification for the Federal Championships.
  • Through successful progeny: The FN breed values as well as the placements of progeny at the advanced show jumping level will be considered. A breed value from mare performance tests of at least 120 points with min. 15 progeny.

The admission of young stallions for the Hanoverian Jumper Breeding Program is temporarily limited. The decision on further admission for three years will be taken if the performances (results from mare performance tests and tournaments) of the first five-year-old progeny are available. Another check of hereditary qualities will then follow, based on the performances of eight-year-old progeny.