Hanoverian Dam lines

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Mares out of well-bred foundation lines with secured hereditary qualities are the horse breeder’s most supreme good. The Hanoverian breed offers a particularly wide range of first-class dam lines that regularly deliver excellent competition horses for the different disciplines, licensed stallions and valuable brood mares.

Hanoverian Dam Line - System

„Hannoveraner Dam Line“ offers every breeder the possibility to obtain detailed information about each registered Hanoverian dam line. There is information available about

  • the origin of the individual foundation line (foundation mare, breeding site)
  • its distribution (overall quantity and number of currently registered brood mares)
  • number of state premium mares
  • number of stallions licensed in Hanover including their names and pedigree links
  • number of auction horses
  • successes in sport including the names of exceptional Hanoverian competition horses

The basis of "Hannoveraner Dam Line"

The first edition of the “Hannoveraner Stutbuch/Hanoverian Studbook”, founded in 1888, served as the basis. Earlier family relations have not been considered.

All those foundation lines of mares with a Hanoverian or East-Friesian background have been processed that were active brood mares with the Hannoveraner Verband in 2006. Foundation lines that have proven to originate in a foundation mare of another approved breed (for example English thoroughbred, Trakehner, Holsteiner etc.) have not yet been finally worked on. 

The Conditions

Three months

Twelve months


15 Euro

30 Euro


20 Euro


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