Hanoverian and Rhineland Mare Performance test

Hanoverian_Breeding_Mares_Performance Test_Selecten_Studbook

Basic gaits during riding, rideability and free jumping of the young mares are judged during the mare performance tests. It is an important selection stage in the breeding program of the Hannoveraner Verband. The mare performance tests are organized as a field tests with the mares being registered with the studbook during these events.



Field tests

Field tests are mare performance tests where the mares are tested and assessed on one day, starting with the free jumping in the indoor arena. Jumping style and scope of the mare are evaluated over three obstacles. If all mares have accomplished the free jumping, the basic gaits are tested in an exercise with three mares performing at the same time in the arena. Rideability is evaluated, too. Some rounds with change of hands have to be accomplished in the trot, in the canter and in the walk as it is announced by the judges. Relaxed, elastic and regular basic gaits as well as a nice steady contact are important. Riders are requested to wear tournament clothes. The test rider finally judges the mares, too. An experienced test rider will ride your mare for a short while to assess her rideability.

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Basic gaits, jumping capabilities during free jumping as well as rideability are evaluated by a group of judges and by a test rider during the mare performance test.
Half marks are given for the individual features. The grading scale ranges from 0 (= not sufficient) to 10 (= extraordinary). Partial marks for basic gaits, rideability and show jumping are shown in the final certificate.
Following a successfully completed test, each participant is given a stable badge as well as the testing certificate. No rankings will be announced.