Hanoverian and Rhineland Mare Shows

Hanoverian_Breeding_Mare_Mare Shows_Champion_Dressage_Jumping

Three-, four- and five-year-old high-quality mares are nominated Hanoverian Premium Candidate at mare shows. The mare shows are often the highlight of the horse breeders’ clubs and provide overall view about the quality of the horses bred in that particular area. Some mare shows are well-known beyond regional and national borders.

Class Division

The mares are classified in five different show classes:

    • Two-year-olds who – when considering their pedigrees - are capable to be entered into the main studbook.
    • Three-year-old main studbook mares with and without mare performance test results (two classes)
    • Four-year-old main studbook mares
    • Five-year-old main studbook mares (without foals) and six-year-old main studbook mares who have at least one officially registered, liveborn foal
    • Families

      Three-year-old and elder mares are only entitled to compete at shows if they were already entered into the main studbook or if they are scheduled to be entered at least during the mare show. Bigger mare shows sometimes offer special classes for show jumping and halfbred mares. 


      The mares are presented in the trot on the triangle like is done at the studbook inspection, to also evaluate their conformation. It is recommended to practice and train this presentation before. The following walk presentation in groups is meant to compare and to rate the mares. No scores are awarded, the mares are only divided in two premium groups (Ia or I), followed by the announcement and comments on the mares. The best mares of the individual classes compete for the title “Show Winner”.

      Herwart von der Decken-Show

      The Herwart von der Decken-Show is the highlight of the breeding season. The best three-year-old Hanoverian and Rhenish dressage and show jumping mares gather in the first week of August in Verden to crown the best of their age-group. The free jumping under the open sky is the specialty of this show event.
      The Herwart von der Decken-Show has become more and more important in the last years with meanwhile foreign visitors attending the event, too. It has been named after the long-year chairman of the Hannoveraner Verband, Herwart von der Decken. 

      Friedrich Jahncke-Show

      The Friedrich Jahncke-Show, named until 2008 Louis Wiegels-Show, is hosted every two years at the regional level. Besides the central importance for the hosting regional breeding clubs, it is particularly interesting for the breeders: Approx. 100 top mares and 10 mare families from the corresponding regional breeding clubs can qualify at local mare shows. It is a chance for each breeding site to represent itself at the transregional level.