Hanoverian and Rhineland Mares

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They are less in the focus of attention, but they are the appreciated core of every breed – the mares. Particularly valuable mares are honoured with the Hanoverian Award. The young Hanoverian dressage and show jumping mares qualify at different selection stages for the Herwart von der Decken-Show at the age of three. The central Hanoverian Mare Show is the highlight of each mare show season and impressively underscores elegance, sports attitude and power of  Hanoverian mares.

Like with the stallions, one extraordinary Hanoverian representative is nominated „Hanoverian Mare of the Year“ once a year. Progeny of these mares are internationally successful competition horses, Olympic and World Cup champions as well as successful sires.

Hanoverian Studbook registrations

All mares scheduled to become active Hanoverian broodmares have to be registered with the corresponding divisions of the Hanoverian or the Rhenish studbook. All details on the horse (such as pedigree, colour, sex, date of birth, registration scores, performance test, matings etc.) are recorded there. The trot, the walk and the mare’s conformation are assessed during studbook registration. Mares of other riding horse breeds are also allowed to be entered into the Hanoverian studbook.

Hanoverian Mare shows

Important guidepost for the breed are the mare shows, organized and hosted by the horse breeders' clubs. Only mares with the Hanoverian and Rhenish brand as well as Westphalian-branded mares, born in 2013 and earlier, are entitled to be shown. Breeders are only allowed to participate with their mare at one regional show per year.

Mare performance test

Mare performance tests enjoy high priority in Hanover. These tests are not only designed to provide evidence on the mare’s qualities as riding horse, it also serves as valuable source of information about the sires. The results are the basis for the breed value estimation of the Hannoveraner Verband.

Hanoverian Mare Awards

The Hannoveraner Verband awards special prizes for particularly valuable stallions and mares, based on own performances or performances of progeny. The breeder is given the award.