Hanoverian and Rhineland Sport Horses

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Olympic and World Cup winners, world champions, European or German champions - Hanoverian or Rhenish horses already won all these important titles.

Supporter's Clup for Hanoverian Sport Horses (FRH)

FRH – an abbreviation that stands for “Supporters’ Club for Hanoverian Sports Horses”. Since its foundation in 1985, the supporters’ club has been focusing on connecting young, talented horses and successful riders to path the way for the later world-class horses into the advanced sports level. Highly gifted Hanoverian horses are supported in the early or later stages of their career, they are maintained for the advanced sports level in Germany or particularly acquired. The support of successful horse-rider-combinations by the FRH is possible due to its excellent contacts to approved trainers and instructors.
The list of horses with the name suffix FRH that shined at the international level worldwide is long

Legendary Hannoveraner Sport Horses

‘Legendary Hannoveraner Sport Horses’ presents the outstanding successes of riders on Hannoveraner horses over of period of more than 100 years. A strict selection mode applies. Only horses, which were medal winners - i.e. among the top three - at Olympic Games, World Equestrian Games, European Championships or World Cup Finals, are included. The presentation covers the disciplines dressage, dressage riding for the disabled, show jumping, and eventing.