Structural Commission

The members of the new structural commission were determined at the board meeting.

At their meeting on 13 May 2019, the board determined the members of the new structural commission. The Structural Commission is composed of the following persons:

Franz Bürmann, Tespe
Wilhelm Lange, Petershagen
Dr. Hinni Lührs-Behnke, Verden
Jürgen Matthis, Marklohe
Klaus Storbeck, Göttingen
Dr. Wolfgang Thiel, Meerbusch

Chairman Hans-Henning von der Decken reported that the selection of the commission members was based on the candidates' own breeding experience as well as the greatest possible diversity within the group. Knowledge and experience from activities in associations and companies of very different economic sectors would now come together within the Commission. The managing board was pleased to have won six suitable candidates for the new structural commission, all of whom were highly motivated to support the Verband on its way into the future. The first meeting is already scheduled. A tour of the district societies is planned for autumn to ensure direct contact with the association's members.