Firth of Lorne and Marcus Ehning (photo: Lafrentz)


CSI*** Nörten-Hardenberg/GER

Charmed, Firth of Lorne and Galaxy HS win in Hardenberg.

At the CSI*** Nörten-Hardenberg, three Hanoverians won the three main events. Charmed by Chacco-Blue/Plural (b.: Gudrun and Heinrich Luttmann, Klein Heins) and Germany's Markus Beerbaum won the Grand Prix and the trophy "Golden Whip" in front of the cheering crowd.The trophy "Silver Whip" in the finals of amateur riders went to Galaxy HS by Go on Top/Acorado (b.: ZG Spreckels and Hoops, Hammah) and rider Michael Wittschier. Both horses are former Verden auction horses. Firth of Lorne by For Pleasure/Stakkato (b.: Meinolf Rölleke, Bochum) and rider Marcus Ehning won the championships of Nörten-Hardenberg a day earlier.