Verden Stallion Licensing and Stallion Sales 2021

Young stallion licensing: Time for change

Licensing in Verden. An always sold-out Niedersachsenhalle with horse breeding enthusiasts from all over the world continues to provide an extraordinary atmosphere for breeders and customers. In addition to the breeding aspect, this grown event also serves the much appreciated stallion market. Even in the year of the pandemic, the excitement was palpable.
Can the licensing of the Hanoverian Verband take on a different face? And why should an event that has become an institution be changed?

Over the past months, the various committees have critically examined these questions and the consequences. Different attitudes, visions and principles had to be heard and brought into the discussion and weighed up. It seems to be time to break new ground. This was also triggered by the discussion about the start of training for young horses and the associated animal welfare issues. In addition, there were the experiences of the discipline-specific licensing execution 2020. As a result, the honorary and full-time responsible persons of the Hanoverian Association have found the courage for a newly thought system.

The licensing date
In a working group at the FN level, representatives of the breeding associations, training companies and the FN (breeding, training, veterinary medicine, animal welfare) worked on possible concepts for the future. It was agreed on different licensing variants (e.g. licensing in hand, licensing under rider) for stallions aged two and a half to three and a half years, which each association can apply at its own discretion. As a result, it can be stated that a two and a half year old licensing will still be possible in the fall. For this purpose, however, we would like to critically examine the current preparation system for licensing and the requirements of licensing and develop guidelines for this - also in order to document our work internally and externally. Under these conditions, the committees of the Hanoverian Association have come to the conclusion that they want to retain the first selection level at this age. Also the comparatively lower training effort for the stallions compared to the exclusive offer of licensing under the rider is part of the argumentation.

However, the fact "age of the stallions at the time of pre-selection" is to be taken into account. Thus, the date of the stallion pre-selection will be postponed by one month (dressage stallions) or almost two months (jumping stallions). The actual licensing event will also be slightly postponed accordingly. Foals born very late (after July) will not be admitted to the autumn licensing at the age of two and a half years.

Separation of disciplines
This shortened time between pre-selection and licensing is technically made possible by further separating the licensing of dressage and jumping stallions and dividing the previous joint licensing into two sections - in November for the dressage stallions and in December for the jumping stallions.
With the model of discipline separation, new time windows for additional offers will be created at the event. Thus, it is quite conceivable that in addition to the two-and-a-half-year-old youngsters, three-year-old and older stallions under saddle will also enrich the licensing collection in the future.

This offer is primarily aimed at breeders with horses that are not yet eligible for licensing at two and a half years of age due to their development. An extension of the public-attractive licensing spectrum is the approach here.

For the visitor of the licensing it can succeed to increase the discipline-specific attractiveness on the basis of the additional event parts. Breeding and sport aspects should be brought together. For example, the licensing of show jumping stallions will be combined with the "Hanoverian Show Jumping Masters" from 2021. A show for four- to seven-year-old Hanoverians and Rhinelanders, which celebrated a successful premiere in 2020 and represents a sporting offer alongside the licensing of the young stallions. Additional concepts for the dressage stallion licensing are currently still under review.
Giving such a successful event as the Hanoverian licensing a new face is certainly not without risk. However, the clear tenor in the committees requires the consideration of modernization approaches. The considerations were driven by the principle of courageously taking a step forward from a strong position and opening a new chapter.

Verden Stallion Licensing and Stallion Sales 2021

Stallion pre-selection dressage stallions (decentralized): October 01 to 09, 2021
Licensing and stallion sales dressage stallions: 04. to 06. November 2021

  • Thursday: Free jumping
  • Friday: Triangular track and lunging
  • Saturday: Free jumping with licensing decision, stallion sales

Stallion pre-selection jumping stallions (central in Verden): October 25 to 27, 2021
Licensing and stallion sales jumping stallions: December 02 to 04, 2021

  • Thursday: Pavement sampling and free jumping
  • Friday: Final qualifications "Hanoverian Show Jumping Masters
  • Saturday: Free jumping with licensing decision, finals "Hanoverian Show Jumping Masters", stallion sales