Friedrich Schiller and auction rider Sascha Böhnke. Photo: Hannoveraner Verband


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A poet for France: Friedrich Schiller sold for 81,500 euros.

Friedrich Schiller lived up to his namesake. With head number 1, the son of Finest achieved the top price of the Verden online auction in January at 81,500 Euros. At the first Verden auction event of the year, the 53 riding horses achieved an average price of 19,519 Euros.


It was the second spectacular performance of Friedrich Schiller by Finest/Desperados (breeder: Henning Schulze, Tiddische, exhibitor: Aldrie Consultants AB, Sweden), named after the German poet, in the Niedersachsenhalle. Already as a foal, the powerful black stallion aroused desires and was sold to Sweden. Six years later and equipped with successes in tests for young dressage horses, the gelding was auctioned off for 81,500 Euros to a customer from France, who had already secured numerous top horses in Verden that later caused a stir in the international dressage arena.


There was a double top among the show jumpers. Two show jumping talents achieved a knock down price of 35,000 Euros. The name Lucky Luke is also part of the programme. The stately, 1.76 metre tall son of Lord Pizarro/Callistus (breeder: Hans Ahlers, Twist, exhibitor: Eckhard Witthake, Recke) is already seven years old and has top placings in tests for young show jumpers up to medium (M*) level. He was worth 35,000 Euros to a regular customer from the United States. The same result was achieved by Cornet XL by Cornet Obolensky/Lex Lugar (breeder and exhibitor: Pferdezucht Dr. Rowold, Haselünne). The powerful dark bay half-brother of the Celle state stud Colougar by Codex One towers over Lucky Luke by three centimetres. Although he has not yet been shown in competitions, he looks forward to a bright future in the stable of a successful young female show jumping rider from Lower Saxony.


The positive auction results at the beginning of the year were already apparent during the ten-day training period. Even shortly before the start of the bidding for the online auction, the horses were diligently tried out in the Niedersachsenhalle, observing all the necessary hygiene rules due to the COVID-19 pandemie. The statistics reflect the great interest. The average price was 19,519 Euros, which was more than 2,000 Euros higher than in January of the previous year. 25 horses will stay in Germany. With 28 horses, the export rate is over 50 percent. Buyers from France (seven) as well as Russia and the USA (five each) secured the largest contingents. "The customers feel comfortable in Verden, even though the final took place on the computer and without spectators. There were certainly many emotional moments at home with the buyers again," said Managing Director Wilken Treu.


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