Hannoveraner Verband

Chairman Hans Henning von der Decken resigns from his offices.

In the evening of July 29, the chairman of the Hannoveraner Verband, Hans Henning von der Decken, announced his immediate resignation from his offices in the main office. In a meeting with the staff he asked for understanding for his decision. At the same time, Mr. von der Decken thanked the Main Office for the stability that was ensured in the past years. In this context, Mr. von der Decken also appreciated the work of the structural commission, which developed the framework for the future structure of the association. Furthermore, it is also close to his heart to thank the breeders for the shared moments and the common bond to the Hanoverian and Rhineland horses.Hans Henning von der Decken will continue to be associated with the Hanoverian Verband.