Assembly of delegates

Assembly on 24 August.

In its meeting on June 8th, the general board of the Hannoveraner Verband agreed on Monday, August 24th, as the new date for the Assembly of Delegates. The entire agenda of the regular Assembly of Delegates (with the exception of some honours) as well as the elections of the new bodies should take place on this date. As an alternative date, 22 September has been set and will apply in case contact restrictions are in force on the August date which prevent the implementation.


Managing Director Wilken Treu is in active exchange with the administration of the district of Verden about the current regulation concerning the restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  In compliance with the distance and hygiene regulations, the Assembly of Delegates can therefore be held in the Niedersachsenhalle with a maximum of 250 participants. If space is needed for additional visitors, this can be guaranteed in the adjacent riding hall (live broadcast).


At the beginning of calendar week 30, the applications received for the bodies to be newly elected will be published. Shortly before, the applicants shall be given the opportunity to attend an appointment with the election committee and the executive board, where the work of the Association and the interaction of the new bodies will be presented.


Even after that, an application for the bodies remains possible; if possible, these should be received by the election committee with the dispatch of the invitation/agenda for the Assembly of Delegates. This ensures early notification




A discussion between the election committee and the executive board of the Hannoveraner Verband has shown that the first deadline for the submission of applications / election proposals for the new committees will be extended until May 15, 2020.

The background to this is that the current contact restrictions make it difficult for members / delegates to consult each other in order to prepare election proposals, and that current professional challenges posed by the Corona pandemic are preventing some members from giving concrete consideration to their candidacy. In view of the currently valid date of the forthcoming Assembly of Delegates on June 29, 2020, the new application deadline is still sufficient, taking into account the Statutes. May 15, 2020 has been set as the date, as politicians are expected to make further statements at the beginning of May on the easing or retention of the current restrictions.

Nevertheless, this is also intended to hold out the prospect that the comprehensive election of the new bodies, to which all delegates should be able to travel as unencumbered as possible, may be postponed again significantly by several months, depending on the medium-term "corona restrictions". In this case, only the annual statutory requirements would be carried out on June 29, 2020. However, the entire board of the Hannoveraner Verband will decide on this procedure before May 15, 2020.