Structural Commission

The Structural Commission is ready to go.

At the end of May, the Structural Commission met for its constituent meeting in Verden. Now the time has come. After intensive discussions over the summer months, the main results are now available.

The Commission has been guided by the following guidelines:
A return to the strengthening of breeding and breeding progress, to what distinguishes the Hannoveraner - our unique horses - correct, rideable, powerful.
A return to the breeders, their cohesion, their passion and further development - based on a history with enormously strong roots and open to progress and innovation, living a common system of values that creates trust among each other and with our partners, and creating efficient structures to be able to succeed in the competition of the coming years with convincing service offers.

We do not want to reveal everything, but we do want to give some insight into the basic proposed changes. The Assembly of Delegates, as the representative body of the full members of the Association, remains the central pivot for the Association's key directional and personnel decisions. However, the election of the delegates, as well as of the other organs, is to be reformed.
The Executive Committee is to be considerably reduced and clear departmental responsibilities are to be created within the Executive Committee. A department should intensively take care of the breeder support and information. Specialist committees are to work with the Executive Committee to ensure the necessary competence in a more complex world. The Supervisory Board controls the operative management of the Executive Committee on behalf of the broad community of breeders, but should also help the Executive Committee to set the right strategic course in the long term. The new Studbook Committee is to be given the opportunity to include permanent and advisory members with experience in the various disciplines, who will help us with their expertise to further develop our horses as top products.

In addition, the Hannoveraner Verband e.V. is to draw up a code of conduct for itself, which is aimed equally at voluntary functionaries and full-time employees. It is not part of the statutes, but lays down essential principles of responsible action in the Verband. It is based on the FN/DOKR Code of Conduct "Good Governance" and has been adapted to the needs of a breeding association. This guideline cannot describe each individual case. However, it will provide orientation in order to avoid taking personal advantage as far as possible.

It will be discussed with the full Executive Committee on 30 October. It will then be posted on the Internet and discussed at meetings in the district associations. Directly after the Executive Committee meeting the new Hannoveraner forum (accessible via MeinHannoveraner) is opened. Each ordinary member has access and can deal in peace with the draft to the new statute and the new code of conduct. In this year's November tour through the district associations, all breeders will be personally presented with the results of the structural commission's work in recent months. The suggestions will then be incorporated so that by the end of the year, the substantive work can be completed and the corresponding documents prepared for the committees at the beginning of 2020.

Your Structural Commission

The dates in the district associations:

BZV Braunschweig
Wednesday, 6 November, 7 p.m.
Gaststätte Geldmacher
Hildesheimer Str. 88, Vechelde

BZV East Frisia/Oldenburg
Thursday, 7 November, 7.30 p.m.
Gasthaus Meta, Kirchstr. 1, Hesel

BZV Hanover and Osnabrück/Emsland
Tuesday, 12 November, 7 p.m.
Hotel Leckermühle, Leckermühle 7, Bohmte

BZV Lüneburg
Wednesday, 13 November, 7 p.m.
Gasthaus Sander, Dorfstr. 26, Eyendorf

BZV Hesse/South Germany
Saturday, 16 November, 5 p.m.
Hotel zur Schmiede, Ziegenhainer Str. 26, Alsfeld

Wednesday, 20 November, 6 p.m.
Haus Frambach, Beckrather Str. 24,

BZV Stade
Thursday, 21 November, 7 p.m.
Kluster Hof, Bremervörder Str. 50, Basdahl