Daniels Jack S and Germany's Tiara Bleicher double European champions (photo: www.chdenwolden.nl


European Championships

Nine medals for Hannover and Rhineland at European Championships.

The show jumpers met for their junior championships in Zuidwolde/NED. Daniels Jack S by Diarado/Askari (breeder: Erich Single, Pfalzgrafenweiler) and Germany's Tiara Bleicher won the Children's Championships with a clear lead. The two could also take home a silver medal, Germany became vice European champion behind the hosts from the Netherlands. The German juniors also became Vice European Champions. The best pair with the federal eagle on the saddle pad were the son of Stakkato/Calido Stalido (breeder: Renate Bosse, Wendenburg) and rider Matthis Westendarp, who completed both rounds without faults.


In Maarsbergen/NED, Fairytale (Rhld.) by Fidertanz/Laurentianer (breeder: Gerd Neukäter, Voerde) and Germany's Anna Lena Schaaf became double European Champions of juniors in eventing. Both won the individual as well as the team competition with the German team. But that is not all for national coach Julia Krajewski: Fräulein Hummel by Avagon/Silvio (breeder: ZG Heyen und Harms, Südbrookmerland) and rider Ann-Catrin Bierlein also won the bronze medal. The team from Great Britain finished second. Their ranks included the nine-year-old Lankantus by Levistano/Matador xx (breeder: Bernhard Iser, Dannenberg) and rider Saffron Osborne.


Among the young riders, Dark Desire GS by Don Frederico/Carismo (breeder: Bernd Gehrdau-Schröder, Stelle) and Emma Brüssau won the gold medal.