Statement of the chairman

Hans-Henning von der Decken writes a letter to the breeders.

Dear breeders

The events of the past weeks and months are intensively discussed among the members of the Hannoveraner Verband. Against this background we would like to inform you about the current state of affairs.

After a detailed discussion the board decided in its meeting of several hours on May 13, 2019 to terminate the employment contract with Dr. Schade and his dismissal as managing director and breeding manager.

The decision was preceded by extensive investigations. Through the lawyer appointed by him, the Hannoveraner Verband informed Dr. Schade and his lawyer in detail in two letters of the breaches of duty found during these investigations. Dr. Schade submitted detailed comments on this in two letters through his lawyer. This correspondence between the attorneys involved was made available to the entire board prior to the decision.

In the past weeks (and even before May 13, 2019), the Hannoveraner Verband has contacted Dr. Schade and his lawyer several times in order to discuss possible settlements. These inquiries were rejected by Dr. Schade and his lawyer.

As expected, Dr. Schade filed a lawsuit against the termination.

Although this situation is unsatisfactory for us as well, it is to be accepted as such. The court will now decide on the matter on the basis of the factual arguments we have put forward.

It is important for the Hannoveraner Verband to actively tackle the pending tasks despite the situation described.

In this context, the Hannoveraner Verband has already started the search for a new managing director.

On the other hand, the work on the decided structural reform is of central importance. The commission formed for this purpose has already started its work and we will keep you regularly informed about its current work status.

In the interest and for the good of the Hannoveraner Verband, its members and our horses we would like to ask and encourage you to support these activities.

Kind regards

Hans-Henning von der Decken