Hannoveraner EQUI-LEAGUE Dressage

Second test event: July 3 to 5.

For the second time a test event of the Hannoveraner EQUI-LEAGUE will take place from July 3 to 5. It offers the ideal platform for dressage riders to compete with their Hannoveranre and Rhinelanders worldwide under show-like conditions. In cooperation with and EQUI-LEAGUE, the Hannoveraner Contest in dressage will be held at A, L and M level.


The actual "Hannoveraner EQUI-LEAGUE Dressage" will follow on four dates. The same tests are ridden in each case and at the end the overall winners are determined. The four dates are: July 17 to 19, August 7 to 9, August 28 to 30 and September 18 to 20. The three best results of a rider in the same class will be added together to give the final result.


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