Online tournament

First online tournament „Hannoveraner EQUI-LEAGUE Dressage” on 6/7 June

On June 6th and 7th, Hannoveraner and Rhineland riding horses can compete worldwide in an online tournament. In cooperation with and EQUI-LEAGUE, the first official Hannoveraner Contest in dressage at A (novice), L (preliminary) and M (intermediate) level will be held.


"When I heard about the portal, I immediately had the idea that this could be a great platform to offer riders of Hannoveraner and Rhinelanders worldwide a possibility to compare," enthuses Wilken Treu, Managing Director of the Hannoveraner Verband. Committed partner is Volker Wulff, one of the two founders of EQUI-LEAGUE, who has just decided to cooperate with


At the first "Hannoveraner EQUI-LEAGUE Dressage" classes at A- (novice), L- (preliminary) and M- (intermediate) level are announced. Appropriate age groups are allowed, but only Hannoveraner and Rhineland riding horses are allowed. "This event shows what EQUI-LEAGUE can achieve, namely in this case a global exchange of riders who otherwise compete at national level. I find this extremely exciting," said Volker Wulff.


The schedule of the "Hannoveraner EQUI-LEAGUE Dressage" can be viewed at So whoever - wherever in the world - has got a Hannoveraner or Rhinelander in the stable or under saddle should quickly register for free at and book the "Hannoveraner EQUI-LEAGUE Dressage".


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Here's how it's done:
1. Register for free at (Look for confirmation in your spam folder if necessary).
2. name test
3. film two video tapes: of the warming up and of the test.
4. upload videos - done!

After the test a ranking will be made. Each participant will receive a protocol with the evaluation and a comment on the ride.