Hannoveraner Verband

Update: Changes and cancellations at the Hannoveraner Verband due to the corona virus.

Latest update: Mai 4th

Chipping and branding only with mouthguard
In a guideline for the implementation of breeding events, which was drawn up by the German Equestrian Federation, Breeding Department, in cooperation with the breeding associations, it is specified that when foals are marked with a microchip, both the person charged with chipping and the person who fixes the foal during chipping must wear a mouth and nose protector. Until further notice we want to apply this rule in all countries where the Hanoverian Association is active. This also applies to the branding of foals.


Latest update: April 27th

Extension of the deadline for election proposals. Date of the Assembly of Delegates will be reviewed.

A discussion between the election committee and the executive board of the Hannoveraner Verband has shown that the first deadline for the submission of applications / election proposals for the new committees will be extended until May 15, 2020.

The background to this is that the current contact restrictions make it difficult for members / delegates to consult each other in order to prepare election proposals, and that current professional challenges posed by the Corona pandemic are preventing some members from giving concrete consideration to their candidacy. In view of the currently valid date of the forthcoming Assembly of Delegates on June 29, 2020, the new application deadline is still sufficient, taking into account the Statutes. May 15, 2020 has been set as the date, as politicians are expected to make further statements at the beginning of May on the easing or retention of the current restrictions.

Nevertheless, this is also intended to hold out the prospect that the comprehensive election of the new bodies, to which all delegates should be able to travel as unencumbered as possible, may be postponed again significantly by several months, depending on the medium-term "corona restrictions". In this case, only the annual statutory requirements would be carried out on June 29, 2020. However, the entire board of the Hannoveraner Verband will decide on this procedure before May 15, 2020.




Latest update: April 25th

Hanoverian Mare Shows

Premiums at mare performance tests - mare shows cancelled.

First modifications regarding the restrictions due to the Corona pandemic have been decided, but it will probably take a long time until we get back the daily and beloved routines. This also applies to the events of the horse breeding clubs and the district societies. Everything we are doing at the moment, we have to see in the light of the actual necessity and we have to be able to justify it to third parties. In order to be able to ensure the necessary selection of mares in this exceptional year, we have developed a plan that guarantees this, taking into account restrictions in the procedures.

Following discussions in the Executive Board, the awarding of the mares in 2020 is to take place as follows:
- The premium is awarded at the mare performance tests throughout the year (also at the autumn tests).
- Following the mare performance tests, show classes will be made possible for mares that have not been tested and those that have been tested in previous years. Like the mare performance test, this class is not tied to the club membership of the breeder.
- Two-year-old mares, mares that have already won awards in previous years and mare families can unfortunately not be presented this year.
- Mares tested this year should not be shown in show classes at other testing locations.
- For mares that are to be presented exclusively for studbook registration (without the aim of a premium), the Verband offers farm dates (the fee for this is reduced by 50% all year round).

As a result, the mare shows of the horse breeding clubs cannot take place this year in the proven form and have to be cancelled. However, it is possible that additional dates for mare performance tests according to the above mentioned pattern will be offered. These changes could also lead to the rescheduling of the previously planned dates or locations of mare performance tests.  We will inform about this on our homepage.

Mare performance tests will only be able to be carried out if conditions are met which reduce contacts between the persons involved as much as possible.

These are serious cuts in the life of the horse breeding clubs, but we can carry out the basic tasks of selecting mares for our breeders and therefore hope for the understanding of all persons involved.

This approach also creates the currently highest possible degree of security for the processes for the coming months, even though we cannot detach ourselves from current developments. In this way we can also guarantee a selection of mares for the hopefully feasible Herwart von der Decken-Show.



Latest update: April 16th

Current information about the selection trips for the Verden auctions and the upcoming sales events

Cautiously optimistic: Hannoveraner Verband continues auctions and horse selection, taking into account the pandemic restrictions - online auctions will be carried out more frequently

Shortly before the start of the planned selection trips for the upcoming riding horse and foal auctions as well as for the riding horse auction that has been postponed to May 30th, the Hannoveraner Verband has been able to determine its plans for the upcoming dates and events as far as possible, taking into account the latest political guidelines on the Corona pandemic. Consciously, the Verband waited in order to be able to come up with concrete measures.

1.)        Selection of riding horses for the Verden auction in July 2020:
The selection will take place as far as possible along the planned route. Individual dates / locations cannot be realized. Therefore the selection dates have been moved to nearby addresses or the horses will be viewed directly at the breeder/training stable.

Please register for all selection locations under +49-(0)4231/673732 or to ensure that the number of horses per hour is limited and that there is a separate arrival and departure. Please come with a maximum of two people per horse and observe the local precautions as well as the generally applicable distance and hygiene rules. Unfortunately, spectators cannot be admitted this time. You can reach the selection committee under +49-(0)160/94173790 (Thomas Schönig) or +49-(0)171/7236836 (Anna Baden).

2.)        Selection dates for foals from April 21-25, 2020 and foal auction:
The measures described under point 1 also apply to the selection dates for foals.  Thus, the decentralised photo/video dates in the districts can be maintained.

Also for the dates in Verden - attention: on the premises of the former riding and driving school - strict precautions apply. Unfortunately, spectators cannot be admitted at the moment. You can reach the selection committee under +49-(0)170/7570800 (Wilken Treu) or +49-(0)175/2710302 (Daniel Fritz).
All foal auctions, which are scheduled to take place until the end of July, will take place exclusively online.  Several dates with small collections are planned. Whether there will be a subdivision according to suitability for dressage and jumping depends on the results of the selection tour.

Four foal online auctions are initially planned: 13-16 May 2020 | 3-6 June 2020 | 10-13 June 2020 | 1-4 July 2020.

The foal selection trip at the end of June will also remain. The type of auction of these foals, which were originally planned for the Verden auction in August, will be decided at a later date.

3.)        Auction of riding horses on 30 May 2020:
The collection of riding horses originally planned for the April auction will be auctioned on May 30th. The delivery in Verden and thus the starting signal for trying out the horses will be on May 18th. In order to make it possible for interested parties to try out the auction candidates and at the same time to take all the necessary security measures, we would ask you to contact our customer advisors by telephone in advance.

The Verden auction is planned on May 30th for riding horses as a so-called hybrid auction. A hybrid auction is characterized by the fact that bids can be placed in the auction hall as well as on the phone and with a live online tool. The auction thus retains its character as a public auction and, unlike pure online auctions, our standard auction conditions apply. We are not yet able to determine the number of persons who may be present in the Niedersachsenhalle. We are waiting for the federal states to specify the number required by the federal government. However, it is important for all interested parties to be able to bid sufficiently by telephone via direct contact with the customer advisors or to use the additional online tool. We are also examining the technical possibility of placing and displaying pre-bids before the auction begins.

The Federal Government reviews its measures every two weeks. Should the above-mentioned implementation not be possible, the auction will be switched to a pure online auction.

Since all decisions on our procedure are strongly dependent on the current political guidelines, we ask for your understanding that in some cases, notifications are made at relatively short notice.

The team at the Verbands headquarters will be happy to answer all your questions by telephone or email.


Status: March 20th
In view of the special circumstances, the election committee has decided to postpone the deadline for submitting election proposals from April 6 to April 27. This will allow the upcoming deliberations to be conducted with due diligence, while still leaving sufficient time to review the election proposals and publish them in advance of the Assembly of Delegates.

Furthermore, the election committee would also like to offer that election proposals can be sent electronically to

Status: March 19th
Owing to the current situation caused by the corona virus, the Verden auction on April 18, 2020 will not take place.  Due to official regulations, the event in the Niedersachsenhalle is not feasible on this day.

Subject to further developments and in great hope that the situation will ease, we would therefore like to plan to auction the riding horses from the April collection on Saturday, 30 May 2020. A foal auction is planned for this day in Verden. We would then add the riding horses from the April collection to the collection of foals. The delivery of the riding horses take place in Verden on May, 18th.


Status: March 18th
We are currently unable to welcome breeders at the Verband office and would ask that any questions arising be clarified by telephone or e-mail.


Status: March 17th

Dear breeders, exhibitors and customers,

the current situation around the corona virus is confusing and changes almost daily. As things stand today, public events are forbidden in Lower Saxony up to and including 18 April.

We are currently examining various options for holding the auction, i.e. in addition to the possibility of an online auction, we are also considering alternative auction dates. We will inform you immediately as soon as one or more options are ready to be considered as a result of our considerations and possible political developments in the coming days and ask for your understanding that we will need a few more days until then. Nevertheless, we are of course available for further questions and suggestions.

Our office is currently working at "half power" in order to hopefully get through this crisis-ridden period without having to close down completely. Should there be delays in reaching individual employees or in answering e-mails, we also ask for your understanding.


Last update: March 16th

In order to join the demands for the containment of the corona virus, the Hannoveraner Verband is currently reacting with the following measures:

- Initially, work will be carried out on a weekly basis from March 17 to April 30 with different teams and partly in the home office. This is intended to maintain business operations in spite of possibly still changing conditions. At the end of this period, a decision will be made on the further procedure depending on the situation. We ask for your understanding in case of delayed replies.

- The upcoming events / meetings / seminars of the Hannoveraner Verband will be cancelled until mid-April, partly postponed. This concerns the following events:
-Verden Horse Seminars: "How to successfully apply the basics of free jumping" and "How to lunge horses properly" - new date will follow
-Free Jumping Competition for three and four year olds from the Hanoverian Jumper Breeding Program on April 1st -  Cancelled
-Discussion round on the breeding of eventing horses on March 31st - Cancelled
-Discussion of the stallion breeding - new date probably in May
-Studbuch inspection dates in Herzlake and Timmel - new date probably in May
-training dates of the young breeders - Cancelled
-Sport tests for stallions from 20 to 22 April in Verden - Cancelled
-Verden evening on April 17th - Cancelled (further information can be found further down in the news)

- The Assembly of Delegates is postponed, new date: 29 June 2020 at 10.00 a.m.
In order to give all delegates the opportunity to participate at lower risk (corona virus), the Assembly of Delegates will be postponed to 29 June. After consultation with the electoral committee, we would like to maintain the date of 6 April for the submission of election proposals. Further information and the date for publication of the election proposals will follow.

This is the information as it stands today (16 March). If further changes become necessary, we will publish them on the homepage of the Hannoveraner Verband.


Due to the current situation around the corona virus and the related official requirements, the Verden evening on April 17th will not take place.

The exact procedure regarding the foal collection is still to be decided.
Basically we would like to offer the foals at the Verden auction in April. Depending on the development of the situation, there are two alternatives to the indoor auction: either selling the foals in an online auction or integrating them into the collection of the Verden Foal Auction on May 30, 2020. As soon as there is a decision on this, it will be published.