Preselection 2019

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On 17 pre-selection dates in the whole breeding area, the stallions of the year 2017 will be presented to the selection committee for the stallion licensing in October.

The pre-selection dates are expected to start at 8 a.m., the other dates will follow accordingly. Any Hanoverian or Rhineland young stallion born in 2017 and fulfilling the pedigree requirements for the Hanoverian Stud Book of the Hannoveraner Verband e. V. can be registered for the pre-selection of stallions for the Hanoverian stallion licensing from 23 to 26 October 2019.

The registration of stallions of the year 2017 for the pre-selection of stallions is possible via MeinHannoveraner 17 until Thursday, August 1, 2019. The registration fee is 100 Euro per stallion and will be charged by the Hannoveraner Verband. For registrations that are not received by the Verband office on time, a late registration fee of 50 Euro per stallion will be charged in addition to the registration fee.

The registration must state the selection place where the stallion is to be presented. Classification according to time will take place after the registration deadline and will be communicated to each exhibitor in writing 14 days prior to the selection trip.

Questions to Ulrich Hahne, tel.: +49 (0) 42 31/ 67 37 13 

The Hannoveraner Stallion Licensing takes place from 23 to 26 October 2019 in Verden.