Hanoverian Stallion Licensing

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Two-and-a-half-year-old, pre-selected stallions are presented at the main Stallion Licensing. A selection committee organizes selection dates throughout the whole breeding area and chooses approx. 100 stallions, showing up in front of the Licensing Commission on the last weekend of October.
No pre-selection is required for the second licensing event in December or the licensing under the rider.

Nachkörung für dressurbetonte Hengste am 11. Dezember 2020

Kopfnummer Farbe Abstammung Besitzer Ort Ergebnis
nur Körung
1 Dunkelfuchs Benicio Desperados Londonderry Christian Thelker Ostercappeln licensed
3 Fuchs Asgard's Ibiza Benicio Markus Deak xx Cindy Sandra Schirmer Hamburg not licensed
5 Fuchs Secret Goethe De Niro ZG Loreleyenhof Hemdingen not licensed
6 Rappe Secret Dancier Rotspon Gestüt W.M. GmbH Visselhövede licensed
7 Dunkelbraun Secret Fidermark Dream of Heidelberg I Dr. Christine Feichtinger Vaduz (FL) Premium stallion
8 Rappe Vitalis Duke Ellington Lauries Crusador xx Willem Klausing GbR Diepholz not licensed
Licensing and Auction
31 Fuchs Baron (DK) Fürst Romancier Dream of Glory Konstantin Kratzberg Hildesheim licensed
55 Rappe Floris Prince Lauries Crusador xx Maurice Bernhard Schaerffer & Dr. Georg Fanta Guderhandviertel licensed
58 Fuchs Foundation Londonderry Brentano II Anja Gutschmidt Rottach-Egern Premium stallion
80 Dunkelbraun Bon Coeur Dimaggio Rotspon Gestüt W.M. GmbH Visselhövede not licensed
82 Rappe Secret Don Nobless Rascalino Reitstall Herbert Kruse Hamburg not licensed

Stallion Licensing in Verden, January, 28th, 2020

Kopfnummer Name Abstammung Aussteller Körergebnis
1 Bon Coeur - Locksley II Hanna Morrison, Schweden nicht gekört
2 Dodo Weihgand Diamond Hit - Fürst Heinrich Madeleine Winter-Schulze, Wedemark gekört
3 Vivaldi - Donnerhall Anja Gutschmidt, Rottach-Egern nicht gekört
4 Black or White Bordeaux Bordeaux - Rohdiamant Guido Winkmann, Kerken nicht gekört
5 Fürst Romancier - Londonderry Anja Gutschmidt, Rottach-Egern nicht gekört
6 V-Plus Vivaldi - Fürst Romancier Ingo Pape, Hemmoor gekört
7 Vainqueur Vivaldi - Rubioso N Hengststation Gut Neuenhof KG, Nideggen gekört
8 Quaterman II Quando-Quando - Roccodero B Nicole Scharnhorst, Garbsen gekört Zuchtbuch Rheinland

Archiv Hanoverian Stallion Licensing and Sales

Dates and figures! The archive features statistics of preceding stallion licensing and stallion sales. Sorted by years, it will provide information on the number of sold horses and price structure.

Verden Stallion Licensing and Stallion Sales 2020

October 20 to 24, 2020

» Results Verden Stallion Licensing and Stallion Sales

» Brochure Hannoveraner Stallion Licensing and Stallion Sales 2020

With the auction of the dressage stallions, the stallion licensing and stallion sales of the Hannoveraner Verband ended with an absolute highlight. After 17 stallions with modern jumping genes had already been licensed two days before, 25 two-and-a-half-year-old colts with exquisite dressage pedigrees received the positive licensing result. Eight of them were awarded a premium. The top price was 490,000 Euros, on average 126,409 Euros had to be invested for a licensed dressage stallion.

A dark chestnut by Sezuan/Sir Donnerhall (breeder: Gestüt Neff, Frankenberg, exhibitor: Pascal Kandziora, Spelle) out of the best dam line already convinced on the triangle. The impressive poverful mover aroused great desire. After the exciting bidding duel, the stallion was sold for 490,000 Euros to a customer from Schleswig-Holstein. For his exhibitor Pascal Kandziora the Niedersachsenhalle is a happy place, last year he had already prepared the top price colt for the licensing. Number two on the price scale was a son of Benicio/Scuderia-Sohn (Z.: Ludwig Fuchs, Meinerzhagen, Ausst.: Steffen Brunkhorst, Selsingen), who will be travelling for 380,000 Euros to Helgstrand Dressage in Denmark. He will be accompanied by three other stallions. "The standard for the premiums was set very high," said Hannes Baumgart. The dressage rider and renowned trainer and breeder belonged to the licensing commission for the first time.


The most expensive stallion without a premium was a son of Farrell/Livaldon (breeder: Wienke Winkelmann, Wurster Nordseeküste, Ausst: Dr. Kerstin Klieber, Meinersen). The sunnyboy out of the damline of Stange will move for 110,000 Euros into a box at the stallion station of Gerd Sosath, Lemwerder, The State Stud Celle acquired three two-and-a-half-year olds: a bay by Diamond Hit/Lauries Crusador xx (breeder: Stefanie Meyer, Allwörden, exhibitor: Jochen Meyer, Allwörden), a bay Foundation/Competent (breeder and exhibitor: Dr. Michael Lühs, Wagenfeld) and a son of Zoom/Fürst Nymphenburg (breeder: Ludwig Fuchs, Meinerzhagen, exhibitor: Anneli Brunckhorst, Hollenstedt). A son of Quando Unico/San Amour (breeder and exhibitor: Heinrich Gießelmann, Barver) will leave in direction of the State Stud in Warendorf.

The auction of the dressage stallions was opened by a varied show programme. Already in April, the privately owned stallion Foundation was awarded the Grande Prize. Now the bay stallion was honoured in a festive setting. Furthermore, the Mare of the Year, St.Pr.St. Daylight, was celebrated.

All in all, the licensing and stallion sales of the Hannoveraner Verband concluded with a very good result. Of the 30 jumping stallions presented, 17 were licensed, six of them were awarded a premium. 43 dressage stallions were presented, for which the judgement was "licensed" 25 times. Eight premiums were awarded, six premium stallions came to the stallion sales. The average price of the entire stallion sales amounted to 89,635 Euros. The non-licensed stallions achieved an average price of 24,600 Euros. The auction result was achieved without any "outliers" upwards. 38 stallions came to the stallion sales, of which exactly half (19) achieved prices of 50,000 Euros and more.

Stallion Licensing and Stallion Sales 2019

» Hannoveraner Stallion Sales - Results

» Brochure Hannoveraner Stallion Licensing and Stallion Sales 2019

Hanover's vintage 2017 convinced at the stallion licensing in Verden. A total of 63 stallions were licensed, 15 of which were awarded a premium. The licensed stallions achieved an average price of 91,632 Euros at the stallion sales. An average of 23,414 Euros was invested in the non licensed two-and-a-half-year-olds.The first stallion to enter the Niedersachsenhalle was a son of Cadeau Noir/Licosto (breeder: Walter Wöhlke, Geestland, exhibitor: Hans-Henning von der Decken, Stade). Around 2,000 spectators celebrated the expressive bay from the dam line of Schwaby, who is equipped with everything a great dressage horse needs. He recieved a price of 1,890,000 Euros. However, not only the quality of the stallion will be remembered by the audience, but also the knockdown itself, which initially caused irritation and made auctioneer Bernd Hickert take up the bid again. The exceptional stallion was the primus of 62 dressage stallions, 42 of which received the green light from the licensing commission. "It was a very typey vintage with ten premium stallions, which proved to be of very good quality especially when lunging", said Heike Kemmer, member of the Hannoveraner licensing commission.21 of the 33 young stallions with jumping genes were licensed. Five of them presented themselves so convincingly that they were awarded a premium. The most coveted jumper stallion was a grey by Chacoon Blue/Winningmood by Arenberg (breeder and exhibitor: Bernhard Rensen, Werlte). The youngster with great prospects brought his exhibitor 60,000 Euros. "Already at the pre-selection we saw that we have a large number of stallions, which will play an important role in breeding as well as in sport", said Jörg Münzner, member of the Hannoveraner licensing commission. Breeding director Ulrich Hahne summed up: "It was impressive that we had such a strong vintage again after 2018".The sale for non licensed stallions was lively. On average, the 29 stallions were worth 23,414 Euros to the buyers. The best paid offer was a son of Vitalis/Sir Savoy (breeder and exhibitor: Theresa Bahlsen, Kirchwalsede) who found a new owner for 58,000 Euros.Before the stallion sales started, the audience enthusiastically celebrated the premium stallions in the show program. The Mare and Stallion of the Year were eagerly awaited. Havanna by Heraldik xx/Ramiro (breeder: Dr. Hilmer and Sabine Meyer-Kulenkampff, Behlmer) is Mare of the Year 2019. She is the dam of fischerChipmunk FRH, who has just been calles the best eventing horse in the world by the WBFSH. Hannoveraner Stallion of the Year is the Celle State Stud stallion Stolzenberg by Stakkato/Sandro (breeder: Gerd Odlozinski, Luttmersen). Two horses were awarded the suffix FRH of the Hannoveraner Förderverein: Double World Champion D'Avie by Don Juan de Hus/Londonderry (breeder: Dorothee Heitmüller, Nienburg) and the daughter of Fürstenball/Fidertanz Four Seasons (breeder: Johannes Westendarp, Wallenhorst), who with Alexa Westendarp is one of the most successful German couples among the young riders. Lynne Crowden received a special honour. The British, who besides many other successful Hanoverian horses bred the World Champion of young dressage horses Woodlander Farouche by Fürst Heinrich/Dimaggio at her stud, received the Golden Badge of Honour of the Hannoveraner Verband for her great commitment to Hanoverian breeding in Great Britain.

Stallion Licensing and Stallion Sales 2018

Hanoverian Stallion Licensing and Stallion Sales 2018

Hanoverian Stallion Licensing and Stallion Sales 2018

» Results Hannoveraner Stallion Sales 2018

» Results of the Hannoveraner Licensing



Tremor in Verden: Record price 2,010,000 Euro - Hannoveraner stallion sales with spectacular results


At the Hannoveraner stallion sales all boundaries broke. A premium stallion by Vivaldi/Dancier was auctioned off for the sensational top price of 2,010,000 Euro. The 2016 offsprings sparked a firework of prizes. An average price of 130,960 Euro had to be invested for the 50 licensed stallions.


The spectators in the sold-out Niedersachsenhalle could no longer stand on their seats when auctioneer Frederik De Backer after a 20-minute bidding duel auctioned the premium stallion by Vivaldi/Dancier off to the stallion owners Schockemöhle/Helgstrand for a fabulous price of 2,010,000 Euro – a top price that has not yet been reached at any auction organized by a breeding society in Germany. The modern liver chestnut with breathtaking movements was bred by Ulrike Buurman, Greifenstein, and exhibited by Hengsthaltung Kemper, Heiden. Previously, the two stallion owners had already invested 800,000 Euro for a typey stallion by Lord Leatherdale/Boston (breeder: ZG Pleines, Uedem, exhibitor: Sabine Rüben, Würselen), the first premium stallion to enter the auction round. The premium stallion by Dimaggio/Sir Donnerhall showed how well the Verden marketing system works. As a foal, Ernst Kemper discovered the athletic liver chestnut bred by Dieter Hilz, Spiegelau, in the same place. Two years later, the stallion caused his exhibitor cheers for the second time on this memorable day. A Norwegian stallion owner secured the exceptional talent for 570,000 Euro.


The show-jumping stallions were outstanding as well. After the convincing appearances at the free jumping, it was a premium stallion by Kannan/Stolzenberg bred and exhibited by Ulrich Heuer, Bienenbüttel, who was the best young stallion with a show jumping pedigree and flushed 150,000 Euros into his breeder's pockets. The dark bay with his enormous ability over the jumps moves into Olympic hands. As at the 135th Verden Elite-Auction 14 days ago, Ireland‘s Cian O'Connor had acquired the top horse – now the Olympic bronze medallist from London has bought another Hanoverian at the Verden auction.


"This stallion licensing set new standards for breeding and marketing and is the result of the continuous development work in the Hannoveraner Verband", summarized breeding director Dr. Werner Schade. Even before the stallion sales, the outstanding quality of the 2016 vintage was evident at the licensing on the triangular track, during lunging and during free jumping and free-running. 93 high-calibre two-and-a-half-year-olds had faced the licensing commission. A total of 46 dressage stallions were licensed, twelve of which left the Niedersachsenhalle as premium stallions. Of the 14 licensed show-jumping stallions, seven were awarded a premium. "The quality was very high. The vintage presented itself with diverse bloodlines and very modern horses," Heike Kemmer, member of the licensing commission said. And Hans-Heinrich Meyer zu Strohen added: "The very high average quality has increased even more every day". The internationally successful show-jumper Jörg Münzner, also a member of the licensing commission, was also full of praise: "We can be very satisfied with the quality of the jumping stallions. The vintage were top class, but all the stallions showed themselves well!


The unlicensed stallions also aroused a lot of interest. Above all a brown stallion by Le Vivaldi/Rotspon (breeder: Elizabeth Kapp, Clüversborstel, exhibitor: Heiko Klausing, Eydelstedt). He was sold for 54.000 Euro to a Hanoverian breeder from the Lüneburger Heide – he is a former auction foal from Luhmühlen. The average price of the 32 horses was 18.758 Euro. This meant an increase of more than 1,000 Euros compared to the previous year.


The Golden Badge of Honour of the Hanoverian Verband was awarded three times during the show program before the stallion sales. For many years Klaus Bünger, Oetzen, Willi Koppelmann, Freiburg/Elbe and Rudolf Rehkamp, Bersenbrück, have decisively shaped the image of the Verden stallion licensings as successful breeders and stallion exhibitors. A special highlight is the selection of Hanoverian stallion and mare of the year 2018. They are the guarantors of success. Hannoveraner Stallion of the Year is Belissimo M by Beltain/Romadour II  (breeder: Dieter Niesar, Kranenburg). Dorina v. Drosselklang II/Grannus (breeder: Wilhelm Leymann, Bassum) can adorn herself with the title "Hannoveraner Mare of the Year".



Stallion Licensing and Stallion Sales 2017

» Results Stallion Licensing and Stallion Sales


The Verden stallion licensing and stallion sales were eagerly awaited. The convincing quality of the youngsters born in 2015 became already obvious at the preselection with the result that 108 stallion prospects in total – 24 more than last year – applied for the title “licensed” in the Niedersachsenhalle. 78 two-and-a-half-year olds were accepted for breeding, 18 of them were nominated premium stallion.
„The stallions developed well after the preselection,“ Heike Kemmer said, member of the licensing commission. “I was impressed to see such an excellent quality and such a variety of top horses, particularly against the backdrop of the frequently criticized decline in breeding figures.” 53 stallions with a dressage pedigree were licensed, 13 of them also honoured with a premium award. 25 of the 37 show jumping stallions were decorated with the popular title, five of them nominated premium stallion. Jörg Münzner was member of the licensing team for the first time “The presentations of the two-and-a-half-year-olds were very impressive. They still display excellent performances, even after three days,” the successful show jumping rider and trainer said.

This raised great expectations in the stallion sales. And the expectations were met on Saturday afternoon in the sold out Niedersachsenhalle at the auction of licensed and non-licensed stallions. Best-priced stallion was a Sezuan/Donnerhall-son out of the approved breed of Willem Klausing, Diepholz. Bidding for the big-framed liver chestnut with the impressive basic gaits already started at Euro 100,000. “Helgstrand Dressage” offered the final bid of Euro 650,000 for the premium stallion with the Rhenish brand. He does not have to travel alone to Denmark, stall neighbour will be a Finest/De Niro-son (breeder: Günter Lindwehr, Alfhausen – exhibitor: Bernhard Ruwe, Nortrup), sold at Euro 360,000. The same price was paid for a black stallion prospect by Toto Jr./Sandro Hit (breeder: J. W. Holtland, Ysselmuiden/Netherlands – exhibitor: Home of Stallions, Velen).
A stud from Rhineland-Palatinate purchased the most expensive show jumping stallion and paid Euro 85,000 for the Cascadello/For Keeps-son with the obviously endless potential. He was bred and exhibited by team Olympic champion Lars Nieberg from Sendenhorst.
The State Stud Celle purchased promising young Hanoverian stallions, just as the state studs from Moritzburg and Warendorf and a number of private stallion holders. Just as international dressage, show jumping and eventing riders. The 72 licensed stallions offered for sale at the auction were sold at averagely Euro 64.722. They were quite popular with international customers as 25 of them will leave Germany. Most of them will find their new homes in other European countries or in the US. The 31 non-licensed stallions were sold at an average auction sales price of Euro 17.862.

The presentation of premium stallions at the stallion sales was embedded in an interesting show program. The Celle state stud stallion Rotspon by Rubinstein/Argentan (breeder: Hans-Heinrich Müller, Stade) was nominated “Hanoverian Stallion of the Year”. Christine Müller from Stade accepted the valuable award. The “Hanoverian Mare of the Year” was honoured shortly before, for the first time on the occasion of a stallion licensing event: State premium mare Sarah by Sherlock Holmes/Calypso II (breeder: Adolf Feldmann, Hänigsen – owner: Christa Feldmann, Hänigsen) was honoured for her numerous offspring that are successfully competing at the international show jumping level. Sandra Auffahrt’s Federal Champion Gentleman by Grey Top/Fabriano (breeder: Annette and Detlef Schelhas, Lage – owner: Gestüt Lichtenmoor, Heemsen) was honoured with the name supplement “FRH” of the Hanoverian Supporter’s Club, much to the delight of the audience. The bay horse was discovered at the 2014 stallion sales. And this was not the last honour ceremony of the day. Manfred Schäfer who had passed his office of chairman of the Hannoveraner Verband to Hans-Henning von der decken in April, was honoured with the golden badge of honour.

Stallion Licensing and Stallion Sales 2016

» Latest News incl. Körurteile (pdf)

» Brochure Hanoverian Stallion Licensing and Stallion Sales (pdf)

» Results of the Hanoverian Stallion Sales (pdf)

The young Hanoverian stallions, born in 2014, presented performances at an athletically high level on all three days in the sold out Niedersachsenhalle in Verden. 53 of the 84 presented stallions in total were licensed, 10 of them additionally honoured with the Premium-award. “The quality of these horses ensures Hanover’s international competitiveness,” said Breeding Manager Dr. Werner Schade.

The stallion licensing was a true festival of young stallions. The sires Quantensprung and Diacontinus presented their first sons. Privately owned stallion Quantensprung was represented with five of his sons, all of them were licensed, three of them also honoured with the title “Premium Dressage Stallion”. The most coveted stallion prospect of this stallion sales was also a son by the liver chestnut Quantensprung: A shiny black Premium stallion out of a Fidertanz-dam (breeder: Silke Groeneveld, Bunde – exhibitor: Heinrich Gießelmann, Barver) was sold at Euro 280,000 and was bought by Landgestüt Moritzburg and Sprehe Stud. “The dressage horses displayed movement with amazing expressiveness, a quality that the modern dressage sport urgently needs today,” summarized Dr. Werner Schade.
The Celle state stud stallion Diacontinus sent four two-and-a-half-year olds, three of them were licensed, one of them also honoured with the award “Premium Show Jumping Stallion”. The specially awarded grey youngster by Diacontinus/Silvio (breeder and exhibitor: Jörn Döscher, Cuxhaven) was sold at Euro 65,000 at the telephone to a stallion raiser from the show jumping country Belgium who has already discovered many futurity prospects in Verden. Besides their breeding career, he has also introduced them at the competition level. The jumpers shown this year were of extraordinary quality when it comes to pedigree and performances. “Not only their jumping style and scope were remarkable, but also their obvious potential as future breeding sire,” praised Peter Teeuwen, member of the licensing committee.
It was the first time that the lungeing of stallions after the presentation on the triangle was part of the licensing schedule. Team Olympic Champion Heike Kemmer praised: “Lungeing the stallions is a good thing when it comes to displaying riding horse qualities. It is perfect to already assess how the horses will move forward into the contact later on. Apart from that, it is easier to evaluate the canter than during free running. The day on the triangle in combination with lungeing was perfect. It was easier possible to get a more detailed impression of the dressage stallions.” The National State Studs from Celle, Moritzburg and Warendorf as well as a number of other stallion holders and show stables seized the opportunity to acquire futurity prospects in Verden. The licensed stallions were sold at averagely Euro 62,687. 29 stallions will stay in Germany, 19 will leave the country. There were potential customers from all over the world, the stallions were sold to European countries, but also to Argentina, the US and New Zealand.
The price for the non-licensed stallions was some Euro 3,000 higher than 2015, amounting to Euro 20,464. Highest-priced youngster was a chestnut stallion by Chatender/Stakkato (breeder and exhibitor: Dorothee Heitmüller, Nienburg) , sold at Euro 40,000 to the US.
It was the first time that the stallion sales was introduced by an amazing matinee with award ceremonies, not only of the Premium stallions, but also of successful stallions and mares of the past years. Crowning finish was the presentation of the Hanoverian Stallion of the Year 2016, Desperados FRH by De Niro/Wolkenstein II (breeder: Herbert Schütt, Hemmoor) who started his triumphal march towards the top of the dressage rankings with his rider Kristina Bröring-Sprehe at the 2003 stallion sales.

Stallion Licensing and Stallion Sales 2015

A Premium Stallion by Rocky Lee/Rouletto was sold at the record price of 1.2 million Euro. He will move to his new stall in Denmark with Helgstrand Dressage Stable. The sold-out Niedersachsenhalle celebrated the “Million-Dollar-Baby” with standing ovation. International customers invested averagely Euro 68.838 into the young prospects. Following the successful 132nd Elite Auction two weeks ago, the auction venue Verden impressively underlined one more time that the Hannoveraner Verband offers top quality that is appreciated accordingly.
106 stallion prospects showed up in front of the stallion licensing commission. The quality of the 2013 age-group already met a lively interest before the auction. 60 two-and-a-half-year-olds were licensed, 15 of them were nominated Premium Stallion. The Westphalian-bred youngster by Rocky Lee/Rouletto (breeder: Yasemin Yanik, Essen – exhibitor: Detlef Ruddat, Kirchlinteln) was already treated as top-priced horse after his presentation on the triangle and rewarded with applause after having been nominated Premium Stallion. When auctioneer Daniel Delius accepted the bid at Euro 1,200,000 after a long, exciting bidders’ duel, the audience erupted in thunderous applause and dressage rider Andreas Helgstrand insisted on performing the lap of honour himself with the Premium Stallion. “It is a historical event that the one-million-Euro-mark was “cracked” here in Verden,” said Auction Manager Jörg-Wilhelm Wegener. And Breeding Manager Dr. Werner Schade added: “It has been shown that the licensing collection included some very special dressage stallions this year.”
A young bay stallion by Comme il faut/Calido (breeder and exhibitor: Antonius Schulze-Averdiek, Rosendahl) became top-priced jumper stallion. The eagerly jumping, athletic youngster was sold at Euro 65,000 and will travel to the Netherlands. Licensing commissioner Peter Teeuwen said: “The jumper stallions had modern pedigrees that are popular at the international level.”
The audience was as international as the pedigrees. Besides German national state studs and stallion keepers, many foreign customers purchased the young Hanoverians. 23 licensed stallions will leave Germany. The non-licensed stallions were as popular and achieved an average auction sales price of Euro 17,071. Dr. Werner Schade summarized: “The premium crop was of extraordinary quality. We will be happy if these stallions will become active in breeding as they provide excellent prospects when it comes to breeding progress.”

Stallion Licensing and Stallion Sales 2014

Outstanding quality of movement and expression with the dressage horses – a show jumping collection, causing a sensation with youngsters exhibiting incredible potential, technique and brilliant types. This is the conclusion to be drawn of the 2014 Hanoverian Stallion Licensing. The Licensing Committee honoured 46 stallions with the desired licensing award, 16 of them were also nominated Premium Stallion: ten dressage and six show jumping talents.

A particularly sporty chestnut stallion by Don Juan de Hus/Londonderry, bred by Dorothee Heitmueller, Nienburg, and exhibited by Heinrich Behrmann, Doerverden, became top-priced youngster of the day. Following an exciting bidding duel, the specially honoured exemplary talent was sold at Euro 620,000 to long-time customers and will start his training with a Danish dressage stable. The stallion station Poll in Hoerem and the Lower Saxonian State Stud Celle invested Euro 360,000 into an awarded Totilas/Sandro Hit-son (breeder and exhibitor: Kerstin Albers-Bueker, Bueren-Ahden). The son out of a full sister to the internationally successfully competing Soliman de Hus impressed with composure and super movement. Most expensive jumper sire became a two-and-a-half-year old by Los Angeles/It’s me Mesnil (breeder: Josef Uphus, Herzebrock – exhibitor: Zuchthof Tebbel, Emsbueren). A customer from the Ukraine paid Euro 160,000 for the eagerly jumping bay youngster.

A young dressage horse by Fuerst Romancier/Dream of Glory (breeder: Katrin Lueder-Kratzberg, Hildesheim – exhibitor: K. Lueder-Kratzberg and W. Koppelmann, Hildesheim) became top-priced horse in the collection of non-licensed stallions. Customers from Belgium paid Euro 70,000 for the shiny black youngster.
The average auction sales price of Euro 72,631 for the graded stallions was almost as high as last year. Euro 22,524 was the average price achieved for the non-licensed stallions, a good Euro 3,000 more than last time. 16 breeding stallions will find their new home abroad, nine youngsters will leave Germany in the division of non-licensed stallions.

Breeding Manager Dr. Werner Schade finally concluded: “The dressage stallions completely met our expectations, and they impressed all of us with their super quality of basic gaits. The jumper sires had big-framed conformations and exhibited excellent movement.” The head of the Licensing Committee, Hans-Heinrich Meyer zu Strohen, added: “Approved bloodline combinations prevailed, and some of the young stallions presented their promising first progeny."

Stallion Licensing and Stallion Sales 2013

Top stallions, top quality, fantastic prices – after three days Hanoverian Stallion Licensing and Stallion Sales, the experts were unanimous:  Hans-Heinrich Meyer zu Strohen concluded  after the free jumping: “The brilliant free jumping presentations with some of the horses performing at the international level was due to the outstanding overall quality.” Team Olympic Champion Heike Kemmer summarized: “We saw a huge variety of upper level horses with different pedigrees, showing extraordinary movement.” The Licensing Committee accepted 53 youngsters for breeding, 19 of them were additionally nominated Premium Stallion: eleven dressage and eight show jumping horses. 

A modern and very sporty black colt by St. Moritz Junior/Don Schufro (breeder and exhibitor: Joachim Wahlers, Reessum) became top-priced horse after a tremendously exciting bidding duel the audience in the Niedersachsenhalle had never seen before, celebrated by auctioneer Daniel Delius. The stallion changed at Euro 580,000 to Blue Hors Stud in Denmark. And because the Danish appreciate Hanoverian bloodlines, the well-known and approved stud had already purchased another sports stallion before: the specially awarded brown youngster by Fuerstenball/Dacaprio (breeder: Hans-Heinrich Plate, Otterndorf – exhibitor: Dr. Kerstin Klieber, Meinersen) was sold at Euro 460,000. Another Premium Stallion by Dancier/Weltmeyer (breeder: Georg Struebig, Viennenburg – exhibitor: Heinrich Giesselmann, Barver) was sold at a top price: The stud Bonhomme purchased the impressive black horse at Euro 305,000.

Top-priced jumper became an awarded Diarado/Contendro I-son, bred and owned by Heinrich Bremer Jun. from Neustadt. The black-brown show jumping athlete will move into his new stall at the stable of Paul Schockemoehle. Eight young Hanoverians were sold at Euro 100,000 and more. International customers paid an average of Euro 76,100 for the licensed stallions, the highest amount achieved within the last five years. 21 young stallions will find a new breeding home abroad.

And the non-licensed stallions were as popular. Two stallions were sold at Euro 40,000: A Diamond Hit/Abanos-son (breeder and exhibitor: Jochen Meyer, Allwoerden) was sold to Denmark. The same price was paid for a Floriscount/Stedinger-son (breeder: Johann-Bernhard Tuitjer, Krummhoern – exhibitor: Henning Mues, Stolzenau) who found new owners in Spain. Auction Manager Joerg-Wilhelm Wegener commented after the auction: “Experienced horse people purchased top horses at top prices. The perfect basis for a fantastic future career. I am happy for buyers and breeders.”

Breeding Manager Dr. Werner Schade finally concluded: „This age-group confirmed that Hanoverians set standards. The dressage collection shined with super movement of international quality. The jumpers exhibited outstanding jumping capabilities international top riders immediately purchased without hesitation.”