Breeding certificates

You would like to breed your own foal and need a breeding certificate for your mare?

If your mare is registered with us, you will receive a breeding certificate from the Hannoveraner Verband at the beginning of the year. This must be handed over to the stallion owner before the covering. Then you can order your breeding certificate here or download it via our online portal MeinHannoveraner and hand it over to the stallion owner. The stallion owner will report the covering to the Verband after the breeding season.
You would like to start breeding and do not have a breeding certificate yet?
If your mare is not yet registered with us, we will be happy to issue you a blank breeding certificate. You can order this blank breeding certificate online below.

At the end of the breeding season, the stallion owner submits all breeding certificates to the Hannoveraner Verband and you as the breeder receive a copy. This should be kept carefully, because it is the basis for the foal registration form.

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