Hanoverian Stallion Licensing

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Two-and-a-half-year-old, pre-selected stallions are presented at the main Stallion Licensing. A selection committee organizes selection dates throughout the whole breeding area and chooses approx. 100 stallions, showing up in front of the Licensing Commission on the last weekend of October.
No pre-selection is required for the second licensing event in December or the licensing under the rider.

Stallion Licensing

Stallion licensing 11. May in Verden

No. Name Pedigree Owner Result
1 NN v. Beltano - Dressman Frank Staufenbiel not licensed
2 NN v. Cadeau Noir - His Highness Petra Kerschbaum not licensed
3 NN v. Franziskus - Lissabon ZG Murzen not licensed
4 NN v. Jazz - Weltmeyer Reesink Pferde GmbH cancelled
5 NN v. San Amour - De Niro Herbert Kruse licensed
6 NN v. Schwarzgold - San Amour Claudia Siemund-Bremke not licensed
7 Donovan v. De Niro - Pik Noir Burkhard Wahler cancelled
8 Fürst Fabrice v. Fürstenball - Sandro Hit Gerd Sosath licensed
9 NN v. Damon Hill - Gribaldi/T. Marianne Jerrich licensed
10 Quat-Royal v. Quaterback - Dressage Royal Siegfried Kaul licensed
11 Chapeau TN v. Clearway - Quintero Team Nijhof cancelled
12 Bernay v. Boston - Lord Loxley Gestüt Sprehe cancelled
13 NN v. Lamberk - Stakkato ZG Kruse licensed

Stallion licensing 20. April in Wickrath

No. Name Pedigree Owner Result
1 NN v. San Amour - Londonderry Daniele Weiland not licensed
2 NN v. Franziskus - Sorento Heinz Girretz not licensed
3 Bonds v. Benicio - Sir Donnerhall Heinrich Rohmann licensed
4 Ironman v. Ferro - Tuschinski Ad Valk licensed

Stallion licensing March

No. Name Pedigree Owner Result
10 Cape Town Cornet Obolensky - Polydor Wolfgang Brinkmann licensed
23 Diavoltan Diarado - Acord II Gabriele E. Block licensed
45 Ogano Ogano Sitte - Diarado Gerd Sosath licensed
8 Braveheart Jump Balou du Rouet - Calido I Elmgestüt Drei Eichen licensed
11 Captain Red Carrico - Escurdo l Ernst Primosch licensed
12 Caro Gold Caroly - Carry Gold Zuchthof Kathmann licensed
14 Celtic King Cooper vd Heffinck - Quintero Heiko Schmidt licensed
28 El Amigo Eldorado vd Zeshoek - Cassini I Josef Machui licensed
43 Little Fauntleroy Lord Fauntleroy - Quidam's Rubin Massener Heide licensed
32 For Cruise Fürstenball - Don Crusador RS2 Dressage Center de Horst B.V. licensed
34 For Romance II Fürst Romancier - Sir Donnerhall Paul Schockemöhle licensed
39 Herbsttänzer Herbstkönig/T. - De Niro Burkhard Wahler licensed
50 Spotlight Sir Donnerhall - Wolkentanz Freiherr von Fircks licensed

Stallion Licensing January

Kopf-Nr. Name Abstammung Besitzer
1 N.N. Bretton Woods - Fiedertanz Wolfgang Knoch not licensed
2 Feinrich Fürst Heinrich - Sir Donnerhall Paul Schockemöhle cancelled
3 Ironman Ferro - Tuschinski Ad Valk cancelled
4 Fürst Jazz Fürst Romancier - Painted Black Paul Schockemöhle licensed
5 Romeo Romanov Blue Hors - Wolkentanz Katrinelund licensed
6 Touchdown Quaterback - Sack (SWB) Gunnel Skeppstrand cancelled
7 Donkey Boy Dancing Hit - Milan Katrinelund licensed
9 Highway Eldorado v.d. Zeshoek - Chellano Z Team Nijhof licensed
10 Malibu TN Mr.Blue - Hors la Loi I Team Nijhof not licensed
11 Buenos Dias Bordeaux - Don Kennedy Dressurpferde Leistungszentrum Lodbergen licensed
12 Grandorado TN Eldorado v.d. Zeshoek - Carolus Team Nijhof licensed
13 Excenel V Thunder van de Zuuthoeve - Landetto Günay Equestrian cancelled
Zuchtbuch Rheinland
14 Zafferano Zaladin - Bernstein (SWB) Gunnel Skeppstrand cancelled

Archiv Hanoverian Stallion Licensing and Sales

Dates and figures! The archive features statistics of preceding stallion licensing and stallion sales. Sorted by years, it will provide information on the number of sold horses and price structure.

Stallion Licensing and Stallion Sales 2016

» Latest News incl. Körurteile (pdf)

» Brochure Hanoverian Stallion Licensing and Stallion Sales (pdf)

» Results of the Hanoverian Stallion Sales (pdf)

The young Hanoverian stallions, born in 2014, presented performances at an athletically high level on all three days in the sold out Niedersachsenhalle in Verden. 53 of the 84 presented stallions in total were licensed, 10 of them additionally honoured with the Premium-award. “The quality of these horses ensures Hanover’s international competitiveness,” said Breeding Manager Dr. Werner Schade.

The stallion licensing was a true festival of young stallions. The sires Quantensprung and Diacontinus presented their first sons. Privately owned stallion Quantensprung was represented with five of his sons, all of them were licensed, three of them also honoured with the title “Premium Dressage Stallion”. The most coveted stallion prospect of this stallion sales was also a son by the liver chestnut Quantensprung: A shiny black Premium stallion out of a Fidertanz-dam (breeder: Silke Groeneveld, Bunde – exhibitor: Heinrich Gießelmann, Barver) was sold at Euro 280,000 and was bought by Landgestüt Moritzburg and Sprehe Stud. “The dressage horses displayed movement with amazing expressiveness, a quality that the modern dressage sport urgently needs today,” summarized Dr. Werner Schade.
The Celle state stud stallion Diacontinus sent four two-and-a-half-year olds, three of them were licensed, one of them also honoured with the award “Premium Show Jumping Stallion”. The specially awarded grey youngster by Diacontinus/Silvio (breeder and exhibitor: Jörn Döscher, Cuxhaven) was sold at Euro 65,000 at the telephone to a stallion raiser from the show jumping country Belgium who has already discovered many futurity prospects in Verden. Besides their breeding career, he has also introduced them at the competition level. The jumpers shown this year were of extraordinary quality when it comes to pedigree and performances. “Not only their jumping style and scope were remarkable, but also their obvious potential as future breeding sire,” praised Peter Teeuwen, member of the licensing committee.
It was the first time that the lungeing of stallions after the presentation on the triangle was part of the licensing schedule. Team Olympic Champion Heike Kemmer praised: “Lungeing the stallions is a good thing when it comes to displaying riding horse qualities. It is perfect to already assess how the horses will move forward into the contact later on. Apart from that, it is easier to evaluate the canter than during free running. The day on the triangle in combination with lungeing was perfect. It was easier possible to get a more detailed impression of the dressage stallions.” The National State Studs from Celle, Moritzburg and Warendorf as well as a number of other stallion holders and show stables seized the opportunity to acquire futurity prospects in Verden. The licensed stallions were sold at averagely Euro 62,687. 29 stallions will stay in Germany, 19 will leave the country. There were potential customers from all over the world, the stallions were sold to European countries, but also to Argentina, the US and New Zealand.
The price for the non-licensed stallions was some Euro 3,000 higher than 2015, amounting to Euro 20,464. Highest-priced youngster was a chestnut stallion by Chatender/Stakkato (breeder and exhibitor: Dorothee Heitmüller, Nienburg) , sold at Euro 40,000 to the US.
It was the first time that the stallion sales was introduced by an amazing matinee with award ceremonies, not only of the Premium stallions, but also of successful stallions and mares of the past years. Crowning finish was the presentation of the Hanoverian Stallion of the Year 2016, Desperados FRH by De Niro/Wolkenstein II (breeder: Herbert Schütt, Hemmoor) who started his triumphal march towards the top of the dressage rankings with his rider Kristina Bröring-Sprehe at the 2003 stallion sales.

Stallion Licensing and Stallion Sales 2015

A Premium Stallion by Rocky Lee/Rouletto was sold at the record price of 1.2 million Euro. He will move to his new stall in Denmark with Helgstrand Dressage Stable. The sold-out Niedersachsenhalle celebrated the “Million-Dollar-Baby” with standing ovation. International customers invested averagely Euro 68.838 into the young prospects. Following the successful 132nd Elite Auction two weeks ago, the auction venue Verden impressively underlined one more time that the Hannoveraner Verband offers top quality that is appreciated accordingly.
106 stallion prospects showed up in front of the stallion licensing commission. The quality of the 2013 age-group already met a lively interest before the auction. 60 two-and-a-half-year-olds were licensed, 15 of them were nominated Premium Stallion. The Westphalian-bred youngster by Rocky Lee/Rouletto (breeder: Yasemin Yanik, Essen – exhibitor: Detlef Ruddat, Kirchlinteln) was already treated as top-priced horse after his presentation on the triangle and rewarded with applause after having been nominated Premium Stallion. When auctioneer Daniel Delius accepted the bid at Euro 1,200,000 after a long, exciting bidders’ duel, the audience erupted in thunderous applause and dressage rider Andreas Helgstrand insisted on performing the lap of honour himself with the Premium Stallion. “It is a historical event that the one-million-Euro-mark was “cracked” here in Verden,” said Auction Manager Jörg-Wilhelm Wegener. And Breeding Manager Dr. Werner Schade added: “It has been shown that the licensing collection included some very special dressage stallions this year.”
A young bay stallion by Comme il faut/Calido (breeder and exhibitor: Antonius Schulze-Averdiek, Rosendahl) became top-priced jumper stallion. The eagerly jumping, athletic youngster was sold at Euro 65,000 and will travel to the Netherlands. Licensing commissioner Peter Teeuwen said: “The jumper stallions had modern pedigrees that are popular at the international level.”
The audience was as international as the pedigrees. Besides German national state studs and stallion keepers, many foreign customers purchased the young Hanoverians. 23 licensed stallions will leave Germany. The non-licensed stallions were as popular and achieved an average auction sales price of Euro 17,071. Dr. Werner Schade summarized: “The premium crop was of extraordinary quality. We will be happy if these stallions will become active in breeding as they provide excellent prospects when it comes to breeding progress.”

Stallion Licensing and Stallion Sales 2014

Outstanding quality of movement and expression with the dressage horses – a show jumping collection, causing a sensation with youngsters exhibiting incredible potential, technique and brilliant types. This is the conclusion to be drawn of the 2014 Hanoverian Stallion Licensing. The Licensing Committee honoured 46 stallions with the desired licensing award, 16 of them were also nominated Premium Stallion: ten dressage and six show jumping talents.

A particularly sporty chestnut stallion by Don Juan de Hus/Londonderry, bred by Dorothee Heitmueller, Nienburg, and exhibited by Heinrich Behrmann, Doerverden, became top-priced youngster of the day. Following an exciting bidding duel, the specially honoured exemplary talent was sold at Euro 620,000 to long-time customers and will start his training with a Danish dressage stable. The stallion station Poll in Hoerem and the Lower Saxonian State Stud Celle invested Euro 360,000 into an awarded Totilas/Sandro Hit-son (breeder and exhibitor: Kerstin Albers-Bueker, Bueren-Ahden). The son out of a full sister to the internationally successfully competing Soliman de Hus impressed with composure and super movement. Most expensive jumper sire became a two-and-a-half-year old by Los Angeles/It’s me Mesnil (breeder: Josef Uphus, Herzebrock – exhibitor: Zuchthof Tebbel, Emsbueren). A customer from the Ukraine paid Euro 160,000 for the eagerly jumping bay youngster.

A young dressage horse by Fuerst Romancier/Dream of Glory (breeder: Katrin Lueder-Kratzberg, Hildesheim – exhibitor: K. Lueder-Kratzberg and W. Koppelmann, Hildesheim) became top-priced horse in the collection of non-licensed stallions. Customers from Belgium paid Euro 70,000 for the shiny black youngster.
The average auction sales price of Euro 72,631 for the graded stallions was almost as high as last year. Euro 22,524 was the average price achieved for the non-licensed stallions, a good Euro 3,000 more than last time. 16 breeding stallions will find their new home abroad, nine youngsters will leave Germany in the division of non-licensed stallions.

Breeding Manager Dr. Werner Schade finally concluded: “The dressage stallions completely met our expectations, and they impressed all of us with their super quality of basic gaits. The jumper sires had big-framed conformations and exhibited excellent movement.” The head of the Licensing Committee, Hans-Heinrich Meyer zu Strohen, added: “Approved bloodline combinations prevailed, and some of the young stallions presented their promising first progeny."

Stallion Licensing and Stallion Sales 2013

Top stallions, top quality, fantastic prices – after three days Hanoverian Stallion Licensing and Stallion Sales, the experts were unanimous:  Hans-Heinrich Meyer zu Strohen concluded  after the free jumping: “The brilliant free jumping presentations with some of the horses performing at the international level was due to the outstanding overall quality.” Team Olympic Champion Heike Kemmer summarized: “We saw a huge variety of upper level horses with different pedigrees, showing extraordinary movement.” The Licensing Committee accepted 53 youngsters for breeding, 19 of them were additionally nominated Premium Stallion: eleven dressage and eight show jumping horses. 

A modern and very sporty black colt by St. Moritz Junior/Don Schufro (breeder and exhibitor: Joachim Wahlers, Reessum) became top-priced horse after a tremendously exciting bidding duel the audience in the Niedersachsenhalle had never seen before, celebrated by auctioneer Daniel Delius. The stallion changed at Euro 580,000 to Blue Hors Stud in Denmark. And because the Danish appreciate Hanoverian bloodlines, the well-known and approved stud had already purchased another sports stallion before: the specially awarded brown youngster by Fuerstenball/Dacaprio (breeder: Hans-Heinrich Plate, Otterndorf – exhibitor: Dr. Kerstin Klieber, Meinersen) was sold at Euro 460,000. Another Premium Stallion by Dancier/Weltmeyer (breeder: Georg Struebig, Viennenburg – exhibitor: Heinrich Giesselmann, Barver) was sold at a top price: The stud Bonhomme purchased the impressive black horse at Euro 305,000.

Top-priced jumper became an awarded Diarado/Contendro I-son, bred and owned by Heinrich Bremer Jun. from Neustadt. The black-brown show jumping athlete will move into his new stall at the stable of Paul Schockemoehle. Eight young Hanoverians were sold at Euro 100,000 and more. International customers paid an average of Euro 76,100 for the licensed stallions, the highest amount achieved within the last five years. 21 young stallions will find a new breeding home abroad.

And the non-licensed stallions were as popular. Two stallions were sold at Euro 40,000: A Diamond Hit/Abanos-son (breeder and exhibitor: Jochen Meyer, Allwoerden) was sold to Denmark. The same price was paid for a Floriscount/Stedinger-son (breeder: Johann-Bernhard Tuitjer, Krummhoern – exhibitor: Henning Mues, Stolzenau) who found new owners in Spain. Auction Manager Joerg-Wilhelm Wegener commented after the auction: “Experienced horse people purchased top horses at top prices. The perfect basis for a fantastic future career. I am happy for buyers and breeders.”

Breeding Manager Dr. Werner Schade finally concluded: „This age-group confirmed that Hanoverians set standards. The dressage collection shined with super movement of international quality. The jumpers exhibited outstanding jumping capabilities international top riders immediately purchased without hesitation.”