Hanoverian and Rhineland Foals

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Assisting a mare to give birth to a foal is certainly the greatest joy for a breeder. It is linked with hopes, dreams and best wishes for this new life.

The Hannoveraner Verband registers foals in the studbooks for Hanover, Rhineland and Hanoverian halfbred racehorses.

Hanoverian Foal registration

The breeding certificate, issued by the stallion holder, serves as basis for registration of the foal. Our international breeders are forwarded a list of matings, registered with the Hannoveraner Verband the year before, as well as form to announce the birth of a foal. The birth of a foal has to be announced to the Hannoveraner Verband within 28 days by means of this form or online (link). Exception: The Hanoverian breeders in Belgium and the Netherlands are forwarded the foaling announcement directly by post – like is done with the German breeders.
Most of the inspection and registration trips are organized in the second half of the year. Corresponding dates are published on the website. The foals have to be registered for these inspection dates. The Verband’s official will then inspect and register the foal, which means that date of birth, colour, sex and markings are recorded and the diagram for the horse passport is completed. The foal is then branded with the foal brand and the two-figure registration number on the left hindquarter and a transponder is injected into the left side of the neck. Hair samples are taken for a DNA-check. All data is then forwarded to the Verband, and a horse passport is issued as soon as the hereditary line has been confirmed and the fees have been paid.

Hanoverian Foal Show

Foal shows are the first public presentation in the life of a young horse. The shows are organized by the horse breeders’ clubs and serve as orientation for the breeder.

» Foal Shows 2017 in Germany

Record a name for your foal / Renaming

It is not necessary to assign names to the foals. If desired, however, it is already possible to enter a name in the horse passport at foal age. Please let us know upon foal registration if you want a name to be entered. A fee of Euro 30 will become due. Changes in name are possible until the foal will be entered into the studbook at Euro 60. The principles of naming of the Hannoveraner Verband shall be considered which means using the initial of its sire’s name. This allows an easy allocation of the horse to a stallion line. An exception of this rule may be some stallions from other breeding areas that have different principles for naming progeny. In these cases, the initial of the foals name should correspond to the initial of the foundation sire to catch up again with the system of the Hannoveraner Verband. Please note that with the following stallions from the Stallion Directory, the naming of progeny differs from the initial of the sire.

[ Registration of a name for my foal ]

[ Renaming of my Horse ]

Foal Emergency

Sometimes problems disturb the foaling process. It may happen that dam or foal die during birth or that fast help is needed. Please support the breeders to rescue their motherless foals and register your foster mare with us. This service will also be beneficiary for you should you loose your mare during birth and search for a foster mare as soon as possible.

  • Foster mare agency – contact Mrs. Ingrid Wiegmann ++49 (0)1 73- 5 15 13 95.
  • Foster mare service: Bastian Scharmann, telephone ++49 (0)  44 41/93 55-57 or ++49 (0)1 60/90 52 61 35.
  • Interessengemeinschaft Zugpferde (Interest group cart horses): Data bank for foster mares and orphan foals – Internet www.ig-zugpferde.de. More assistance available with ++49 (0) 23 33/8 01 44.
  • Assistance with orphan foals or foster mares (recorded message answering machine) : Tierklinik Sottrum, telephone ++49 (0) 42 64/35 61.