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The Hannoveraner Verband is one of the leading breeding associations worldwide with exemplary function and knows about its responsibility for the correct training, particularly of young horses. However, the Hannoveraner Verband assumes this responsibility not only for horses, but also for riders and breeders. Therefore, different training courses and workshops on different issues are offered all around the year.

Riding courses

Verden is not only worldwide known as headquarter of the Hannoveraner Verband. The training and sales centre is one of the most modern and biggest sales centres in Europe.

The facilities of the training center on the premises of the former barracks on Lindhooper Straße, directly opposite to the auction arena, provide enough space for training courses. Apart from the huge and bright stalls, there are an outdoor show jumping course, a dressage arena as well recreation and course rooms available for all participants.

The Hannoveraner Verband has the pleasure to regularly present outstanding instructors for these training courses, focused on different main topics. The dates are fixed so as to ensure that the participants have the opportunity to attend the presentation of auction horses.

Verden horse clinics

The Hannoveraner Verband has been offering the Verden horse workshops on interesting topics such as horse husbandry, feeding and health, operational management as well as breeding and training for more than 20 years. The program addresses all those who deal with horses – from newcomers to experienced breeders and farm managers. For more information on the Verden horse workshops, browse the following pages.

Breed Orientation Course

The Breed Orientation Course 2017 will be held from October 20 until October 28.
This course is an in-depth learning experience, offering lectures on bloodlines in Hanover and on the Hanoverian breeding programme. It includes the practical judging of horses, a visit to the State Stud at Celle and to the stallion performance testing station at Adelheidsdorf. A very special highlight is the Hanoverian stallion licensing on the final three days of the course. The programme is rounded off by visits to studs and breeders’ farms.

For more information please contact Monika Meyer, tel.: +49-42 31-67 37 14, fax: +49-42 31-67 37 12, e-mail: mmeyer@hannoveraner.com

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Training of horse and rider in Verden

The name already symbolizes the institution’s purpose: the Training and Sales Center of the Hannoveraner Verband in Verden. The range of training offers before and after the auctions and the general training of horse and rider are Verden standard today. There are more than 200 stalls, five indoor arenas, three outdoor riding rings, horse walker, lungeing indoor ring, paddocks and a huge cross country track available.
Free jumping, starting under saddle, preparation for mare shows, mare performance tests and auction selections in dressage, show jumping, eventing and pleasure riding. Additional training courses are planned and will be announced in time. But of course also training courses in dressage and show jumping in Germany and abroad.